Saturday, January 16, 2010


Greetings all!

I don't know about the rest of you,but whenever I think of vampires only a few people come to mind;

Spike (my favourite vamp ever)

The Count (who loves counting more than he loves blood)

Eric (who is just Eric and that's good enough for me)

and Bill (who I still love even though he screwed up and turned that annoying girl into a vampire)

... but not this guy though! (sorry Ed,it's not you it's me.  xoxo Ginger)

And this is Vampire according to Amour.
It's a burgundy jelly,and kind of a pain to work with.
It took me four coats to achieve this level of opacity and I still have bald spots! Initially, I thought it was my fault. I removed it and re-applied it three times and each time I had the same problem because the formula is wonky. Somehow it manages to be both thick and runny at the same time. (now that's some talent right there! *sarcasm* )

 Still,the gorgeous colour makes up for all the problems I had with it,and the subtle shimmer is an unexpected bonus.

indoors no flash

indoors with flash

So do you have a favourite vampire?

Peace and Love,
Ginger -who still maintains that real vampires do not sparkle!

P.S. I'm sorry if I have offended any Edward Cullen fans. I'm just not that into him or his creepy diamond- encrusted skin.


  1. Love Spike and Eric. Id have to add Angel/Angelus to that list too LOL. Im with you on the Cullen. *cringes*

    Like that color. I wonder if I have anything close in my collection. Hmmm?

  2. Spike all the way! I was never a big fan of Angel, though. He was too broody and whiny for my tastes.

    The polish is gorgeous, too! I love dark jellies.

  3. Spike is the ONLY vampire that counts, ever. You're right, real vampires don't sparkle.

  4. gorgeous color. Alex skarsgard is gorgeous! I've been in love with him way before trueblood, but Generation Kill is when I really fell for him. Mmmmm, marine uniform haha. Spike's the best, I agree, and Edward doesn't even qualify as a vampire.

  5. I also agree that real vampires DON'T sparkle. Even though I enjoy the Twilight series, I think it's been brought down to a level that appeals to kids in high school - which is NOT what vampires are. They're dark, cultured, mysterious, sexy, and a little evil.

    If I were to pick a favorite vampire in film, it'd be Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned (as cheesy as that movie is, lol). If I were to go with books...there are too many to name (and to remember!)

  6. I never saw Angel. Unfortunately I was working nights then. I love the rest. I do think it's weird that Edward sparkles. I still love him. I also love the vampy colour.


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