Saturday, January 9, 2010

There Are No Words To Describe This Level of Insanity...

So I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves!

From BB Couture

Chi,Color Club,Nubar,and Two Sephora by OPI (an unexpected gift from my lovely friend Niki!)

From China Glaze

Misa,Old school CND,Zoya Mattes,and Rescue Beauty Lounge

Four beautiful Nfu-Ohs

Three cheapies from Amour

...and last but not least two Illamasquas!,yeah, I still have money in my Nail Polish account to buy the Alice in Wonderland collection (well, some of them anyway), the rest of the Vampy Varnish collection,and China Glaze's Up And Away collection. After that,I'm going on a no buy. Given the massive haul I just bought,I think it's the right decision :)

Thanks for peeking! Have a wonderful day :)

Ginger-who has even more Hauls in the mail :D Don't tell my mother.


  1. That is a lot of nail polish! =O

  2. Jealous! That's a whole set of happy there!

  3. Girl after my own heart. Look at how beautiful it is! Muahahahahaha! Can't wait to see you swatch these.

  4. wow!!! where can I buy NFU polish??

  5. LOLOL I am cracking up, because that looks like my haul from December. Oh, and I don't want my mother to know as well. LOLOL

  6. WHOA. That's just...awesome! Holy cow. I'm in BB Couture envy. Gorgeous. And I'm just in awe, look at all those Nfu Oh's! I WILL HAVE SOME. Haha. One day! Can't wait to see all that, and what you have in the mail as well. I do love haul posts so much.
    Oh! In your China Glaze post - what is next to what looks like Recycle? A dusty lavender color looks like? Pretty!

  7. I bow before the Queen of hauls!

  8. Thess-It certainly is! I didn't know I bought that much until they all started arriving.Now I have to figure out where to put it all.

    Lambchop-This is my version of retail therapy :) I figured I deserve a treat after surviving my 10th December as a customer service rep!

    L-Haha! Thank you :)

    Katie Couture-You can buy Nfu-Oh at

    Chocolate Kisses-LOL! You too? Sweet! I thought I was the only one :)

    Ange-Marie- aaand my enabling continues!

    Nicole-By all means,buy to your hearts' content!I love seeing haul posts too :) And the colour beside Recycle is Channelesque. It's DQ'ed but I think VNS still has it.

    Evil Angel-Haha! Thank you :)

    Gilded Angel- I went a little mad in December ;) I think I'm cured now.

  9. What a totally awesome haul! I am feeling awfully green all of a sudden lol

  10. I think I'm right with you. I spread mine out all of December! I think you deserve a little (massive!) treat. I'm trying for a big cut back also. I don't know how I'll make it with all these wonderful collections coming out.


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