Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks So Much-ness!

Hello All!
I'd like to start by saying how much I love shimmery reds. They are my Kryptonite.No matter how many I have (hundreds!) I always buy more because I somehow convince myself that I need them.This colour was no exception. While almost everyone else rejected OPI's inclusion of not one,but two reds in the Alice in Wonderland collection, I was saying, "Oooh! I want the sparkly one!"  So I bought it, along with the two prom queens of the collection, Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice. Thanks So Much-ness is one of a long line of gorgeous reds that OPI has released over the years. It is a cool, slightly pink-toned red with pink micro-shimmer.Not exactly new and exciting,but still lovely.

OPI is my all-time favourite brand,thus rendering me incapable of giving an accurate critique without fawning obnoxiously, so I'll just say I love everything about it and leave it at that =)


indoors with flash

both pics in sunset light.The top one is warmer toned because I was messing with the camera settings,and the bottom is un-enhanced. I have no idea how it turned sideways.

So which reds do you fancy?

xoxo Ginger-who was called loquacious by her boss today. I love working with book nerds!


  1. It looks fab on you!
    I am a red lover myself and my list is long on favorites. OPI Vampire state building, China glaze Heart of Africa are two of my top favorite reds.

  2. My favorite red is Revlon Red which is such an old shade. I still love it because it says 1940's movie stars. I also love that shade of red. This is also pretty. I have a hard time resisting them also. I did resist both of the ones from the Alice collection.


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