Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Talk to Me of Mendocino...

...Closing my eyes I hear the sea
Must I wait,must I follow?
Won't you say; "Come with me?"

Hello Lovelies!

Can I just say that BB Couture's Mendocino Midnight is one of my new favourites? 'Cause it is!
It is a lovely dark teal with pink,green,and blue glitter and I am in LOVE with it!  My pictures don't even come close to capturing its true beauty. Story of my life.

outdoors overcast light

outdoors again

This is one of six shades designed by Vampy Varnish for BB Couture and it is an excellent collection, especially for a shimmer/glitter geek like myself ;)

As for the particulars;Formula=great,Finish=dries gritty but a thick top coat will fix that, Dry time=quick,
Opacity=good to go in 2 coats but I always do 3. Colour=Loves it <3

It's perfect :)

The name of this polish always reminds me of the song Talk to Me of Mendocino.
It was written by Kate and Anna McGarrigle. I'm not much of a 'folkie',but I have fond memories of watching a National Canadian Film Board short featuring their version of the song 'The Log-Drivers' Waltz. Kate passed away last week, leaving behind her singing partner and sister Anna, and her children Rufus and Martha Wainwright. She was one of Canada's greatest singer-songwriters and she will be missed.


Ginger-who is due for another vacation. I need sleep!


  1. Oooh! I had heard that Rufus and Martha came from a singing family - thank you for sharing this! I had never looked up any further information on that, but I love those two.
    This is one of the polishes I've been contemplating from that collection, and I just LOVE the name! It's as pretty as I thought it would be.

  2. Evil Anel-Thank you :) It would look stunning on your long nails!

    Gilded Angel- It's such a beautiful colour.

    Nicole-Rufus and Martha are pretty awesome :) I had no idea how prolific Kate and Anna were until this week. They have written songs for everyone! Talent runs in this family.
    The name of this was what hooked me also. I just love dark,vampy shades. This one is perfect.

  3. Her name is so familiar to me. I may have heard her songs years ago. I adore Rufus and just heard Marth the other day. No wonder they sing and write so well. Thanks for letting us know this. I bought the whole collection as soon as it came out. I don't know which one I like the best. I've only tried two.


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