Monday, January 11, 2010

Nubar Cherry Cordial

Hello All!
 First of all, I'd like to say that I hate cherry cordials.They're way too sweet and kind of gross. Actually,I have an aversion to candied fruit in general,seeing as how I hate fruit cake too.Yuck.   Anyway, Cherry Cordial was released as a part of Nubar's Chocolate Truffles collection (Fall 09), and I like it a million times better than its namesake. The Nubar website describes it as a medium brown-red with shimmer,but I'd go as far to say it's a medium brown duochrome. The first two pictures are taken with the same settings,under the same light,yet they look like two, (albeit,slightly) different colours.

Take a look,


This is what it looks like without flash under a lamp.None of the red shimmer is visible.

This is only one of 4 Nubars I own,and I must say, I really like them! The formula is nice and smooth,they dry quickly, and they have some of the best duo chrome polishes that I've ever seen. I ordered this one first because it was my favourite of the bunch and I'm glad I did. It.Is.Marvelous!
 If I had any thing to criticize it would be the fact that Nubar doesn't ship to Canada, (or at the very least,my address) so I have to order them on ebay. Other than that, they're great :)

Well,that's all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by!

Ginger-who attempted to watch the last season of  the Real World (Cancun?) ,but was so disgusted by it that I had to stop. What has happened to T.V.?


  1. This looks so lovely on you!
    I'm with you about fruitcake and candied fruit in general. Who eats that? It's gross!

  2. That's pretty. I think it might go on my wish list.

  3. That is such an interesting color!

  4. I love chocolate covered cherries. I also don't mind fruitcake. Crazy, I know but if forced I would eat it. Love this whole collection. Another collection I bought all of. Love this one the most! Looks gorgeous on you.


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