Thursday, January 7, 2010

NOTD:China Glaze Let's Do It In 3-D

Hello All!
Sorry I've been such a stranger lately,I've been  a little busy spending most of my time watching old episodes of the Real World/Road Rules challenges online with work :P I decided to choose a holo for my NOTD because; A) I love them, and B) I've been wearing a lot of vampy shades lately and I wanted to mix it up a little. The reason why I love this particular colour is because it's kind of a rarity. There are lots of silver holos, and but there aren't many greys (Color Club Revvvolution is one notable exception). It's glittery,holographic,and beautiful to look at. China Glaze brings the awesome yet again :)


outdoors in direct sunlight (sunset because i got home late in the afternoon)

indoors with flash

I do believe this is my first NOTD of 2010 (yeah,I know,I'm a slacker) . As promised,I do have some haul pictures for you. They're scheduled to be posted tomorrow.I have two Illamasqua polishes, as well as four Nfu-Oh ,two Chi,a whole mess of BB Couture, some Nubar,more China Glaze...and a partridge in a pear tree. (sorry i couldn't resist). My nail polish fund  (yes i do have a separate account for nail polish!)  is nearly depleted...which means I'm due for another no buy :'(
I'll start swatching soon,just don't expect any outdoor direct sun pics,it's -4 degrees celsius (24 degrees fahrenheit) outside and I hate having cold hands.

Have a great evening,and thanks for stopping by :)

Ginger-Who has noticed a definite decline in the quality of reality shows over the years. Oh, crap.I'm officially becoming an adult.


  1. I love Ldoii3D it's one of my favorite holos and it look beautiful on you!

  2. This color is cool!
    Can't wait to see your other swatches!

  3. i too have noticed the deline in the quality of reality shows-and tv shows in general. i guess i'm too old for the crap that's out now.

  4. That is a beautiful holo. I don't watch too many reality shows. I don't call Amazing Race and Survivor reality shows. I did watch Housewives of NJ & a show about NY prep school kids. I may think of another one or two. Your nails look lovely as always.


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