Thursday, January 28, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Burnt Buns

Hello beautiful people!
The unfortunately named Burnt Buns is a coral-pink with tiny glass flecks. I have no idea which collection it's from, but it is one gorgeous pink. I don't have anything else like it (and I am the self-proclaimed champion of all things pink!) The only colour I can think of that would be similar is OPI Holy Pink Pagoda, which is cooler and more subdued than this one.


outdoors no flash (this is the closest I got to capturing the real colour)

....and this is what it looks like in sunlight. I could not get the pink to show.At all.

And this is my obligatory "Winter wonderland" picture. All the snow melted after four days of unseasonably warm weather,but we're getting 10 more centimetres tomorrow. I don't know how many inches that is.

Well,that's all I have for today.Sorry about the quickie post,but I need to drink coffee and  then go to bed. Seems like a lateral move.

Ginger-who hasn't purchased one bottle of nail polish since I started my no-buy! Not bad,seeing as how I have at least 70 untrieds.


  1. That is a beautiful color on you!

  2. I love the name but I am the collector of unsavory named polishes. They make me giggle!
    I love this collor on you. And yay on you no buy success!

  3. Ahhhh AH! I need this, it's gorgeous. You need to stop enabling me. It's going on my list.

  4. Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

    Evil Angel-Thank you :) I love the name of this,because it's so weird. My hands down faves are Kinky in Helsinki and Phallic, Meet Balls is a good one too :)

    Mighty Lambchop- Thank you :)

    Nicole-Haha! Thank you :) Glad I could help!

  5. A lovely shade on you. I to had to giggle at the name.


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