Monday, January 18, 2010

NOTD: BB Couture Saturday Night Fever

My  love for the colour green has been well-documented, so when I spied this beautiful forest-green glitter on the Overall Beauty website, I just had to have it.  (surprise,surprise) The glitter particles are gold and green and lie just below the polish surface without being covered completely. As for the base colour? I'd call it a creme on account of it's opacity and lack of visible nail lines. It applied smoothly in  just two coats!  *dances around the room*
If I would criticize anything about this polish it would be the gritty texture of the glitter once it dries.One coat of SV(or any other topcoat) smoothes it out nicely though, so it isn't really a problem.

BB Couture has some of the best greens on the market (I should know,I own most of them :P) and Saturday Night Fever is no exception-it's amazing! I love it because it is a unique addition to my stash, I have lots of greens (and lots of green glitters) but nothing like this. I'm thinking I'm going to need a top 100 instead of a top 20.


all indoors with flash.i only use props when i can't figure out what to do with my hands.

holding either a bead choker or a bead bracelet. I have no clue what it is because it came free with Eve magazine.It's pretty though :)

Hands around the bottle shot...

blurred to show the glitter!

So what is your favourite green?

Ginger-who still can't figure out MUA.


  1. I looooove this green! It looks so pretty on you! One of my fave greens is NYS Amaranth. I love it because no matter what light source you're in, its *always* green :)

  2. So far, my favorite greens have been "San Francisco" by Sinful Colors & "Envy" by Zoya. I have a bunch of greens! Green is a favorite color of mine. It can be seen as "odd" in make-up but when you work it right, it's so awesome.

  3. Hey lady! How are ya?! This green is just gorgeous on you. I've ben wearing a lot of green polishes this winter season. I recently forced myself to take a break,and wear something! Take care,see you on-line.

  4. I love this! It's so pretty.
    I don't know that I could pick a favorite green. Haha. I love far too many of them!

  5. My favorite green is Poison Ivy by BB Couture. I know for sure I own every green by BB Couture. I also think they have the very best greens around. This one looks gorgeous on you. Yes, I do own this beauty also.


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