Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Match Made In Heaven

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to show you my birthday mani today. As most of you know my favourite colour of all time is OPI La Boheme,so it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I would wear it on my special day. What I didn't expect was my decision to layer it with another colour. (sacrilege!) LB is dazzling enough on it's own,but I really wanted to see what it would look like with a coat of Nfu Oh 51. The result is beyond amazing. My  pictures don't even come close to capturing how beautiful this combination is in real life.
I could wear this forever :)

indoors no flash

indoors no flash (again) * ignore my unbelievably dry cuticles* yuck!

indoors with flash (shows the red-plum base)

natural light

this pic shows of the duo chrome!

La Boheme has been discontinued by OPI (jerks!), so if you're interested in buying it you'll have to check EBay and pay ridiculous amounts of money for it  or if you have a nail polish-addicted friend who owns it but hates the colour, you can get it from them (hey,it's a long shot,but it could happen). I am currently on my last bottle (of four!) and I'm guarding it with my life -like any sane,rational person would.  Nfu Oh 51 on the other hand, is available here and is in stock...for now.

Have a wonderfully polished day! Haul pics to come :)

Ginger-who keeps staring down at her nails...yep, I'm one of those  :P


  1. Very pretty! What a great birthday mani!

  2. I agree! These go very well together ;D

  3. Great color! I hope you had a happy birthday! :)

  4. I missed your birthday. So sorry. Hope it was very happy. I don't have this polish or any polish addicted friends. I won't pay crazy prices for it either. Anything close to this beauty. Those flakies make it look amazing.


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