Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Hate Avocados!

...But I'll make an exception to wear this colour! This beauty is Kelly's Green, made by the folks at BB Couture and created by Kelly of Vampy Varnish fame. I have to admit I was worried about how this colour would look with my skin tone. I'm fortunate because most colours "work" on me, but I was skeptical about this one until I tried it on. Lo and behold, we have another winner! It looks paler on me, but still flattering. I can now rest easy and add avocado green with glitter to the list of colours that look good on me.
 Just don't try to make me eat an avocado. They're just plain nasty.

One picture because my camera hates me and the rest of them are crap.

applied in two flawless coats. The bald spot is my fault because I was trying to read and paint at the same time.Not so good.

Kelly's Green is a part of the (amazingly beautiful) Vampy Varnish collection and is available to order here.
 I have them all and you should too. *duplicitous grin*

Have a lovely day!

Ginger-who has received several warnings from mom; "Stop having packages sent to MY house while you're at work! Next time I'm sending them away."  She's totally bluffing. I hope.

P.S Also, Lo and Behold? I'm officially becoming my grandmother.


  1. That color is beautiful, and for the record I don't like avocados either!

  2. I love your blog, you crack me up! This color is so pretty. You're very lucky most colors work for you. I have certain families I have to stay in, or my hands become "corpse hands" :(

  3. And I thought I was the only one,who tried to read and paint nails at the same time...lol! What were you reading? I've been worried about this shade of green too. It's one of those odd greens,but it looks great on you.

  4. You know it's frustrating that all colour look great on you??:)
    I really like this collection too but I'm on a no-buy right know so no BB Coutures for me!I don't like avocado either!

  5. I'm with Velvet,I want to know what you were reading.
    And let me just *squee* for a second because I LOVE this on you, and I've been dying to try it out - and darn it, I have to wait to order my BB Coutures! *shakes fist at you* But you are always an inspiration to me, I ordered my first Misa polishes thanks to your blog entirely. ;)
    I caught myself trying to type "per se" in a comment, and had to make myself stop.

  6. Gilded Angel-Thank you :) and yes, avocados are gross!

    Ange-Marie-Thanks Sweetie! Right back atcha<3 I think the only colour that doesn't always work for me is taupe. Certain shades of it makes my skin look sallow and greyish.Blech.

    Velvet-Thank you :) and to answer your (and Nicole's) question, I'm reading Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster.

    Katie-Haha! Thanks Katie :) I'm on a no buy as well :( and I think avocados are my least favourite fruit. I hate them.

    Nicole-Haha! Sorry *grins* and thank you,the feeling is mutual-I have several polishe purchases that I can attribute to you and your blog :) And my speech patterns are beginning to mirror my Nana. I used the word "newfangled" the other day and was absolutely horrified. Now if you don't mind,I'm going to knit a sweater and complain about my hip ;)

  7. Thank you for your humor at this time of the morning when I should be in bed! I can just picture you and you make me laugh so much. I love this shade. I love all shades of green. It does look lovely on you. I was thrilled to see this shade when I saw the collection. I love guacamole not so much plain avacado.


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