Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Tag of the New Year!

Happy New Year Beautiful People!

I was honored to receive this award,given to me by the awesome and lovely Heather...if that's her real name ;) I am obligated to share seven facts about myself-not that I see this as an obligation-it's more of a privilege. Anyway,here are my Seven facts....

1. I always give people nicknames. They are usually based on some character trait,personal attribute,or flaw. I think I've written about my coworker Sloth before,but I've also given the nicknames Cockroach,Oleander (who is pretty but toxic),Tina Fabulous,and Sunshine. Don't even get me started on my family nicknames!

2.My favourite numbers are 8 and 13.

3.I have never fantasized about my dream wedding. I have,on the other hand, joked about wearing pants and a pair of Chucks to the ceremony,doing my vows in Esperanto,and having Pizza Hut cater the dinner. My Nana has no sense of humor at all.

4.Only my family and close friends know about this blog.My mother thinks it's odd.

5.I have always wanted to be a black belt in some form of martial art.I have also always wanted to be Bruce Lee,but this is slightly more attainable.

6.I've been a Christian since I was 14,but I was raised to be accepting (and most importantly non-judgemental) of everyone's differences. One of my best friends is Pagan and I love him like a brother.

7.A have a bit of a Napoleon complex.I'm mouthy to make up for the fact that I'm so small.It's a good thing I can run fast :)

So those are my 7 facts,I think everyone has already been tagged, so I tag anyone else who wants to do this :)

Ginger-who is still in her pajamas! I love Saturdays


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