Friday, December 18, 2009

Workplace Approved: China Glaze Hybrid

Hello Everyone!
I just have a quickie post today becauseI have to leave for work soon. I purchased China Glaze Hybrid in the haul that Moody helped me pick out. It's neutral beige-brown with shimmer, and it is one of those shades that are beautiful but understated.  It's perfect for work.

(wow,i'm even boring myself today...)

Two pictures,1 indoors with flash,1 indoors no flash because it is -11 degrees Celsius with a -20 degree windchill.

That's all I have for now,have a wonderful Friday!

Ginger-who is all for saving the world if it means I still get to eat bacon.


  1. Very tasteful and nice. This looks lovely on you but I agree that it is a little...boring. Maybe Konad can jazz it up...

    P.S. I love that your nephew helped pick out polish for you. My nephew does that too. I can assure my sister that her son has very good company now.

  2. Pretty shade. Go save the world and eat some bacon! I love bacon.

  3. Lambchop-Thank you :) I think I'll try that!
    Moody asked me the other day if I had tried any of them yet.When I told him that I hadn't he said "I'm not mad at you for not trying them,I just wanted to know when you'd be wearing the green one so I could see it" So cute. We have two of the best nail polish pickers out there :)

    Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

    Lucy-Thank you :) I will! I tried to be a vegan once.It lasted about two weeks before I was back to my meat-eating ways. I'd rather have meat than not.


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