Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Mani and A Big Christian Side-Hug?

Helloo! My NOTD is Jessica Grecian Touch . I'm not going to bore you with the description because,quite frankly, Scrangie described it  better here and I'm too lazy to come up with one of my own.


What I have in lieu of a polish description is a video I found on You Tube.It was made for a church youth rally,and I'm pretty sure that it was meant as satire. I have had many experiences with church youth groups  over the years; Some were heplful and supportive,and others were restrictive and legalistic. I remember one youth group I attended that had very strict rules about what members could wear.Skirts had to be a certain length,make up had to be tasteful and not "extreme" (so, no black nail polish for me!) and we couldn't watch or listen to anything that was "of the secular world". Which meant that I couldn't listen to most music or watch anything on TV. I left after I had an argument with the youth leader about my unwillingness to follow "the rules" (I refused to stop listening to Soundgarden-hardly cause for eternal damnation). Yet I still turned out OK.

 (wow...that was a long introduction!)

Anyway,this video stirred up some controversy because it was seen as yet another attempt made by church leaders to control the lives of young people. As it stands now certain behaviours are frowned upon in most Christian congregations so hugging was pretty much the only thing teenagers could do without incurring the wrath of God...or their parents. And now that's wrong too? Ridiculous! was made AS A JOKE! There is no such thing as a Christian Side-hug. I'm a firm (no pun intended) believer in full-frontal hugging and there isn't anything wrong with that. People just need to stop taking everything so seriously.

Big Hug!
Ginger-who is wearing vampy nail polish to church...Oh yes I am!


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