Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Old School:Sally Hansen Prisms Scarlet Ruby

Hello All!
For today's Old School pick I decided to choose an old favourite,Sally Hansen Scarlet Ruby. I remember how excited I was when this collection was first released. I saw the display in my local drugstore...and proceeded to buy every colour in on the shelf ( i was a teenager with oodles of disposable income at the time). It took a while for me to warm up to this one because it wasn't an obvious multi-chrome like the others-especially in the bottle. I didn't really understand how a scarlet could transform into ruby. And then I tried it on...

Ruby indoors with flash

Ruby indoors no flash

Scarlet and Ruby outdoors no flash

Scarlet indoors no flash

and Ruby indoors with flash

I do love a shimmery red!

Clearly,I was wrong about this polish.It is just as beautiful as the other colours in this collection.Sure,the colours are a tad sheer,and the formula is atrocious (helpful hint:this polish DOES NOT DRY WELL! even with Seche Vite) but whenever I see the amazing multi-chromal flashes,all is forgiven. I'm pretty sure that Sally Hansen was the first to try multi-chromes (please correct me if I'm wrong),and eventually everyone followed suit. This line is pretty hard to find here in Canada since it's been discontinued,but I've seen pictures of them in dollar stores across the U.S. (y'all are so fortunate!) So you might want to check them out.

In other news,I have yet to start my Christmas shopping.In past years I've been the smug one who completed all her shopping in October and went into the mall simply to laugh at all the people who didn't.Now I'm one of those people.The funny thing is,I don't even care.The thing I'm most looking forward to on Christmas day is cooking a huge meal with my mom and spending time with my family.How weird is that?

Have a wonderful day ladies!

Ginger-who is not looking forward to spending any time in a mall.There must be something wrong with me ;)


  1. Beautiful! I love multi chromes. I'm prtty sure that SH was the first to give us real multichromes.

  2. This is why God invented online shopping. I haven't been to a mall in years. I wish I had some of those Prisms. That is really a gorgeous color. Amazing the color differences in the light. Beautiful.

  3. so pretty and a lovely colour for xmas

  4. That is simply stunning! The colors looks so hot on you, girl!

    I don't celebrate Xmas. I just write checks to my nephews and niece. It's all I can handle.

  5. Gilded Andel-Thank You :)

    Evil Angel-Thank you :) I think you're right about that. A lot of companies had iridescents,but none had multi-chromes until SH.

    Lucy-You might be on to something there. I hate mall shopping! I buy most of my make up and books online,so why can't I buy gifts there too? I bought most of the collection,but there are a few that I'm missing.I wish I had a good dollar store here so I could find them again. I love this shade because it is a perfect shimmery red. I love it too :)

    Skye-Thank you:) This is an awesome Christmas colour! It would look great with gold glitter.

    Mighty Lambchop- *blushing* aww! Thank you :) I really hate commercial holidays. That said,I just might make everyone's gifts this year.That is how unimpressed I am with shopping.


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