Saturday, December 19, 2009

Old School:Sally Hansen Chrome Royal Purple

Good Afternoon All!
This colour is a part of Sally Hansen's Chrome collection.I don't remember what year it was released,but I do remember that no one else was doing metallics at the time.I have 5 colours from this collection,and they're all pretty awesome,(I swatched Carnelian a few months ago).The only negative thing about these is the wear. They chip off in sheets! no matter what kind of topcoat I use,I can always count on losing at least 1/4 of the polish to chips. Bah.

I just realized that I haven't described the colour yet! It's a metallic red-purple.Deeper,and more "blue" in person. I really like it :)

One picture because my camera battery died shortly after this one was taken :(

I have more posts scheduled for later, but for now I'm off to clean the bathroom. What a glamourous life I lead!

Ginger-who is planning on finishing my Christmas shopping next week. Yep,I'm one of those.


  1. gorgeous colour and great application, it's not streaky at all, which is sometimes a characteristic of metallic polishes:)

  2. Beautiful color! I miss the old Sally Hansen, the new Sally sucks!

  3. Love this color. For shame, you didn't finish shopping. I couldn't get out if I wanted to. We have so much snow here in New Jersey! Not want were used to.

  4. Konadomania-Thank you :) This polish applied shockingly well for a metallic.Sally Hansen should re-release these.

    Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

    Evil Angel-Thank You :) I agree! Sally Hansen was way more interesting back then. Some of my favourite shades are old Sally's. They should bring them back.

    Lucy-Thank you :)I've been really bad this year. We had our first storm last week and it wreaked havoc for 2 days. Boo.


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