Friday, December 11, 2009

NOTD:Orly Poison Apple

Hello Ladies!  If you're a regular reader of this blog you know that I haven't been in the most festive mood of late. Christmas is my favourite holiday but for some reason I'm Ms Scrooge this year.I don't want to shop,I don't want to decorate,and when people ask me what I want  I usually say something like, "I don't know",or "I don't really care". And that,my friends,is just wrong.

I chose Orly's Poison Apple, (a scarlet creme) as my NOTD in hopes that it would shake me out of my winter doldrums.  It is really strange how much I like this colour.I'm not a huge fan of creme/jelly finishes, (unless they're pink or vampy) so I automatically rejected this colour when it was first released.  But I was so wrong! Orly's formula is perfect as usual,the colour is very cheery and bright, and I achieved the bottle colour in just
two coats. I  love it :)

Top picture indoors no flash,bottom picture indoors with flash and a festive ribbon

...And because I haven't done this in a while, some music. I had no idea who Daniel Merriweather was until I heard the stellar cover of The Smiths' Stop Me (If You Think You've Heard This One Before) that he did with producer Mark Ronson.It was the most played song on my IPod for an entire year! (well,that, and 'It's Tricky' by Run DMC)  Anyway, I found this gem after Google-ing the word "red". I was hoping to find a happy, upbeat song that would match the mood of this polish. Instead I get a heartbreaking tale of a relationship gone wrong, a.k.a. the musical equivalent of a wet blanket. Oh well, it is a great song and  Daniel Merriweather has an amazing voice. He's now on my "official " list of men who I'd pay to sing every name in the phone book (the others are Stevie Wonder, MJ ,Chris Cornell and Layne Staley). As usual,if this type of music isn't your thing you can just skip it and move on.

You missed my rambling didn't you?

Have a happy Friday!

Pinkginger-who is planning on Christmas shopping tomorrow.Yay.


  1. Ok it's official I love any colour on you!Your nails look fantzstic and your skintone makes all colour pop!

  2. That is a beautiful color and it's gorgeous on you!

  3. Ooh, I do like his voice, though! I had to have a listen - I mean, if his voice ends up in the same list as Stevie Wonder and Chris Cornell, both of whom I worship - well, he must be pretty good. *g* Will look up more of his music!
    As to this polish - I'm with Katie, I have to say that I haven't yet seen a color that doesn't look good on you! You lucky, lucky thing. ♥
    PS: I'm feeling a bit Scroogy this year also. Been going through a lot and it's starting to get me down, just a bit.

  4. Another gorgeous color on you. I'm with everyone else. Everything looks good on you. I'm so sorry your not feeling Christmas yet. Hope you feel more of the spirit the closer it gets.

  5. Gilded Angel-Thanks!

    Katie-Awww! *blushes* Thank you :)

    Nicole- He's a fantastic singer, definitely worth checking out :) and thank you :) I was once told that anything cool toned wouldn't go well with my warm undertones,I guess I'm just the exception to the rule. I do know how you feel,there are too many overwhelming things going for me to even think about Christmas. That should change next week.

    Lucy-Thank you :) Being around my family has definitely helped. I got around to buying my tree today,now all I have to do is decorate and bake.Should be fun :)


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