Saturday, December 12, 2009

KOTD:Jackson Pollock

Hello All!
This is part 2 of my Jackson Pollock inspired Konad (part 1 can be seen here). All of the credit goes to DeezNailz,who commented that she always wanted to see what this pattern, (M70) would look like layered with different colours. I started out with Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Black Out as a base,and used Konad special polishes in light blue,light green,pink,and white. The result is a full-on abstract expressionist manicure reminiscent of the works of Paul Jackson Pollock.

And here is a picture of Jackson Pollock in action. I'm more into portraits and landscapes,so anything abstract used to be a hard sell for me. I didn't realize how difficult  doing an abstract work was until I had to do it as an assignment. I left with a new appreciation for all artists who have mastered this.

Also,I didn't realize how huge his paintings were! (this is the direct result of looking at his paintings only in textbooks and on slides)

That's all folks!

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Ginger-who has more exciting news for you later on...Stay tuned!


  1. This is awesome :) I love your combination of art and polish!

  2. Oh my gosh - you did it! That looks soooo cool!

    I always loved that KONAD pattern, and wondered why no one else would use more than 2 colors with it = it looks great!

  3. I think it turned out fabulous!
    As the daughter of an Artist I can add that it is completely true that all artists are crazy! :)

  4. That mani looks awesome, I love it!

  5. Brooke-Thank you :) I spent a year in art college and I enjoy applying what I've learned to polish.

    Deez Nailz-Thank you! I didn't even think to try it until you mentioned it,so thanks for the recommendation :)

    Evil Angel-Thank you :) I am an Artist and so is my dad and I agree with you 100 %.A touch of crazy is almost a requirement if you're going to be an artist ;)

    Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

  6. Love this manicure. I was really shocked at the size of some paintings.

  7. Lucy- Thank you :) When I saw a picture of people standing beside Guernica by Picasso, I thought, "Holy Hanna that's huge!", but, I saw the Mona Lisa in person and was surprised at how small it was. Go figure.


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