Sunday, December 6, 2009

Haul as Picked by Ginger and Moody

Hello All!
My Transdesign haul arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday! This is always very exciting for me because it's like Christmas every day.Only,I'm the one paying for the gifts. Anyway,the reason why this particular haul is so special is because my nephew, Moody, helped pick out the colours. He has always been an astute observer of things,and make-up and nails are no exception.At the tender age of 4 he told me that,while he likes when I wear different colours of nail polish,red and pink look the best. He is also the first to compliment a new hair cut,or perfume.A few years ago I overheard an exchange between him and his buddies.They asked him why his shirt was pink.Moody responded in a tone of voice only reserved for the most asinine of questions;  *heavy sigh*  "Because Tupac and Biggie are on it and they're,like,the best rappers ever!" The two little guys had nothing else to say after that.

 So this is for Moody : My one of a kind,fashion conscious,nephew who has impeccable taste in nail polish,clothes,and rappers.

Here's what we picked out:

Misa: Glimmering Mauve,Bo Jangles,Ghetto Fabulous, China Glaze: TMI,Hybrid,Pom Pom,Flower Girl,and In the Lime Light (Moody was particularly excited about this one)

Sation: Glowing Garnet, and Mikasa,Amour Rain Glitter, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede,and Merryberry Mauve

We did a good job don't you think?

Have an awesome day!

Pinkginger-who is glad to have finally seen the sun today...I just wish it wasn't along with  a -5 Celsius temperature. Brrrrr!


  1. wow, great haul, looking forward to seeing your swatches! Moody did an excellent job here:)

    do you already have snow there?? wish we had some:)

  2. Konadomania-Thank you :) It snowed all morning,and then the temperature dropped by several degrees.It's pretty,but freezing!

    Glded Angel-Thanks! Moody has excellent taste :)

  3. Can I borrow Moody for my next haul?
    Great colors!

  4. Evil Angel-LOL! I think that could be arranged,he loves meeting new people :)

  5. Moody's got great taste. Cant wait to see these on you!

  6. Great choice of polishes. Moody has a great eye for color.


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