Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Misa Dirty Sexy Money

Hello Beautiful People!
Today's swatch is Misa's Dirty Sexy Money,an insanely beautiful dusty turquoise creme. I bought this one ages ago,and it sat untried in my stash until today ( this day has been kind of a downer,so I really needed to wear something cheery). It sounds kind of crazy,but wearing it did help change my disposition. I heart this colour!

indoors with flash

indoors no flash under lamp

I think Misa is one of the best NP brands out there (their current  boring  collection notwithstanding) .I love the formula,the square bottle shape is classy and easy to store, and I love their colour selection. They just might make it into my top 10 polish companies.

In non-related nail polish news, my niece has discovered the art of swearing. At the tender age of 2, she already has quite the vocabulary. By way of an example, a script:

Nuni is sitting at the dining room table colouring,Moody sneaks up beside her and snatches one of her crayons.

Moody: Ha Ha! I got your crayon!

Nuni: (angrily) No! Moody! STUPID ASS!

End Scene.

My niece is a potty-mouth.

Her punishment was a time-out and she had to apologize to Moody,her mother,and I for disrupting our supper. Oh well, at least she didn't use the f-word this time.

Have a nice day ladies!

Ginger-who doesn't swear, but uses the word douchebag frequently. Is that wrong?


  1. I love DSM on you, it is gorgeous!
    All of my kids so far skipped the potty mouth except my 8 y/o DD she was a little sailor!
    My youngest still has time but I'm hoping she skips that stage.
    P.S. douchebag is not a bad word nor is Bootyswamper which is my favorite!

  2. I love this color on you, I need to pick this up!

  3. Looks beautiful on you. Potty mouth kids are so funny and I know you shouldn't laugh but it's hard. Especially when their cute little things.

  4. Evil Angel-Thank you :) It's always funny/disturbing when little kids swear. My nephew didn't curse at all.Unfortunately his sister has had the undue influence of her uncles,I hope your youngest skips the swearing phase too.It's never fun explaining why your angelic two year-old niece just screamed 'eff you' at the top of her lungs.In public.

    P.S. Bootyswamper is hilarious! I'll have to use it sometime :)

    Gilded Angel-Thank you :) This would look great on you!

    Lucy-Thank you :) I agree.When my niece first said it,I had to hide behind my napkin so he wouldn't see me laughing! It sounded so odd coming from her angelic little face.


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