Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hello Ladies! In honour of the current fall season,I've decided to feature some of my favourite vampies.Dark nails are the epitome of sophistication and drama for me. When my nails were long,I avoided vampy shades because every fashion magazine I read told me that "Dark polish does not look good on long nails". Then I realized that at least 60% of what fashion mags write about nailpolish is crap. They're always at least 2 years behind  the trends of us nail-junkies! Only a select few get it right. So I chose to wear dark polish on my long nails (click here to see the only picture I have of my talons before I cut them-and to admire my cutie-pie niece :))  I learned a valuable lesson about doing what is right for me and not allowing others (i.e. clueless fashion mags) to dictate what colour I should wear on my nails.So there.

 And The Vampies are...

OPI Yes I Can Can-A shimmery wine coloured shade from last fall's France Collection.This was the first colour I purchased last fall and I absolutely love it.It's reminiscent of Black Cherry Chutney,but it's different enough for me to justify owning both.It's purty!

OPI Siberian Nights-A deep purple creme from the Russia Collection.It leans more toward the blue side than the other vampies on this list,but it's definitely purple. The Russia collection is one of my favourites from OPI.It had so many gorgeous vampies it was hard for me to pick just one.Since my fave Midnight in Moscow has already been well-represented in the blogosphere,I'm giving some love to this beauty. (incidentally I'm reading a really interesting book about Siberia right now-yep,I'm a geek :P)

Essie Sole Mate-Another lovely wine-coloured creme.I own about 10 Essies in all,and this is my only vampy. Like most vampies,it looks almost black indoors.I didn't notice how "red" it was until I saw the picture blown up.It's simple,yet stunning.

and last,but not least...

Misa Stiletto-A burgundy creme.I refuse to use the word raisin to describe this shade because I love it. Raisins? not so much.They're shriveled,and ugly,and foul. Yuck.  Anyway, I love this colour because it kind of looks like dried blood.Only,pretty.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! I went shopping with my mother yesterday and she said the most hilarious thing to me, "You know Ginger,you should really throw some of your polish away if you're going to keep buying new ones". My mother the comedian.She'll be here all week ;)

Until Next Time!

Pinkginger-who is recently found Fortune Teller at Sally's! *squees*


  1. Great swatches, your nails do look great in darks!

  2. Lol! "throw some of your polish away"!!! hahaha.... Okay now that I've quit crying from laughing,all of these vampies are seriously gorgeous on you.

  3. Gorgeous shades on you, all of them! Just my sort of thing;)

  4. You should take your mom to Vegas w/that comedy show of hers! *lol*

    I love the vampies! Great looks in general and gorgeous on you! :)

  5. Gilded Angel-Thank you <3

    Velvet-Thanks <3 Moms say the darndest things! Once I picked my jaw up from off the ground,I mumbled something about "giving some of my polish away" .As if ;)

    KONADomania-Thank you <3 I love dark,dramatic polishes as well.

    PBG-LOL! That is a great idea ;) and thank you :)I think vampies are very flattering on darker skin tones,as well as lighter ones.

  6. Who is the person who said short nail only for dark shades? Is it a law that if your nails are long your taken to a salon and your nails cut off? I say wear what color and what length you want. Who cares what others say. If you have to have shorter nails for safety reasons than do it. No accidents any more missy! I think your nails are long. They look beautiful with all the vampies on them. I had to get busy writing down all the shades your wearing. I don't have any of them.


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