Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sally Hansen Project Runway Burnt Sienna

indoors with flash
indoors no flash

Hello Ladies!
These are not the best pictures of this colour by any stretch of the imagination,but they're the only ones I have.*hangs head in shame*  The fifth colour in Sally Hansen's Runway collection is Burnt Sienna,a shimmery olive-toned gold. The name of this colour is a bit of a sore spot for me because burnt sienna is actually a reddish-brown.My inner art geek is screaming, "THAT'S THE WRONG NAME FOR THIS COLOUR!" Of course,my inner art geek is also saying that black and white aren't really colours,and red,blue, and yellow aren't shades-but I'm willing to let those missteps slip past the censors.Actually, I've used the word "shade" many times when I've meant to write "hue". I'm not perfect either ;)

I really like this colour.Golds always work well with my skin tone,so I have a lot of them.This colour could be a sibling of CND's Trust Fund,only warmer.It's quite stunning, and it doesn't duplicate any of the other golds I have.I love it.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.I'm still wired from a fabulous day spent with my best friend and her amazing children.

Happy Thurday!

Pinkginger-who is so tired,but cannot sleep.I don't like this trend.


  1. This is GORGEOUS on you, Ginger! You have such a beautiful skin tone.

  2. That color is absolutely stunning on you

  3. Was someone drunk when they named this? This is definitely a olive tinged gold. Beautiful shade on you.

  4. JacieO-Thank you *hugs*

    Gilded Angel-It's one of my new favourites :)

    Jodie-Thank You :)

    Lucy-lol! I was wondering the same thing! and thank you <3


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