Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sally Hansen Project Runway Collection: Valentino

Hello All!

Today's swatch is Sally Hansen Valentino. Personally, whenever I hear the name Valentino two things come to mind , 1) A diminutive Italian designer whose face is the colour and texture of tanned leather,  and 2) The gorgeous gowns he designs. Thanks to Sally Hansen I can now add this colour to the list.It's deep brown with gold shimmer,and it's one of my favourites of the season.

Both photos indoors with flash

Another thing I love about this polish? It has that glowy "lit from within" look.Beautiful.

The formula is the same runny consistency as the others,but this is two coats and it fully covered my nail.i love when that happens.

In other news,I  placed another order with Transdesign last week.It coincided with a visit from my nephew,and he actually helped me pick out some of the colours.Sure,he was hovering so I would eventually leave the room and let him use the computer,but I appreciate his assistance. I did not appreciate him asking "Are you done now?" every 5 minutes. Children.
I'll show you what we came up with once they arrive.That's right,I said "they".I am physically incapable of ordering just one polish from them.Surely,this has got to be a problem.

Have a nice day!

Pinkginger-who is very confused about the 2012 hype and is wondering why the looming apocalypse has to coincide with Oprah's retirement?

Also,Valentino needs to stay out of the sun for a while.Skin cancer is not a myth.


  1. That is a gorgeous color! I don't understand why everyone is so hyped up about 2012, even if the world does end, what are you going to do about it?

  2. People 2012 is a movie not a definite end of the earth. People are really being ridiculous. That is a gorgeous polish on you. It does have a lit from within look.

  3. Kelliegonzo-Thank you:) I love browns!

    Gilded Angel-I agree!I'm just going to live my life as I have been.Same as I did in 2000,the last time the world was supposed to end.

    Lucy-I agree.It's just foolish talk.My co-worker was trying to explain it to me but he got frustrated and gave up. I was cracking too many jokes (surprise,surprise).Thank you :)


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