Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sally Hansen Project Runway Collection: Purple Heart

Hello All! Today This is one of my favourites of the collection,the much-loved and much lemming-ed Purple Heart.I can see why everyone wants this colour.It.Is.Beautiful!

Top picture indoors with flash,bottom picture indoors no flash

I can't think of anything else to say about this.Usually I'd just ramble on about something non-polish related,but I don't have time to do that today.So I guess I'll just wish you all a good day and promise to be back in my true long-winded form tomorrow.

Pinkginger-who can't wait until the Christmas season is over. I blame 10 years of working in retail for this.


  1. That is a great color on you, I love dark purples!

  2. Beautiful purple on you. I love purples. God bless you working in retail for 10 years. Especially during the Christmas season. I'm glad I do all my shopping online. I don't have many to buy for. People lose their minds and are just plain evil. I don't know what they think will happen if their rude.

  3. Gilded Angel-This is one of my favourites :)

    Lucy-Thank you :) Purple is my second favourite colour after pink. Christmas is always the most difficult time for retail workers because our workload doubles in quantity. That,coupled with angry customers,and our own stress about the holidays does not bode well for 5 star customer service. When customers are rude to me it does not make me want to help them at all.


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