Monday, November 16, 2009

Sally Hansen Project Runway Collection: Fashion Forward

Hello All! The second colour I'm featuring is Fashion Forward a dusky,deep purple (aubergine if you want to be fancy!). I went into the store,intent on buying Project Runway and Purple Heart, and ended up with this one as well.And the rest of the collection. Anyway,it's a cool,vampy purple that is right up my alley.

top photo indoors with flash,bottom photo indoors no flash

I don't know about the rest of you,but I have never been "fashion forward".Sure,I've been watching Fashion Television since I was 9,and by the time I was 15 I could identify the designer simply by looking at the clothes,but for me fashion was more of a spectator sport that I didn't necessarily feel the need to participate in.I'm thankful that I was never one to follow trends because I have a wardrobe full of clothes I've had for years that I can still wear without feeling like a fool.Except for the bell-bottomed jeans I've had since the 70's revival of  95'.Those were some good times.
 The most valuable thing I've learned from my fashion fixation was to find what works best for me,and stick with that.I prefer wearing things that never go out of style,mostly because I find shopping for anything other than books,make up and art supplies torturous. My friends hate shopping with me because I'm always the one saying "Are you done yet? We've been here for hours!"  I like having new clothes,but not enough to spend hours in a mall. Yuck.

So what about you guys? Are you fashion mavens? comfortable chic? or too cool to buy into that crap?

Have an awesome day!

 Pinkginger-who is currently rocking the "Canadian Tuxedo" look.All denim,all the time :)


  1. I love this color. I'm on a purple kick right now.
    well let's see in the 80's I wore combat boots, fishnets and a mowhawk. In the 90's when the 70's returned and grunge was in I stuck to my comfy boy's Levi 501 and my favorite Chucks and now I just ignore what is in and as always I wear what I love and is comfy. I never really cared what was "in" because it would soon be out and I would still be me.

  2. I love this colour. We don't get a huge selection of Sally Hansen over here. Well not that I've found anyway! Wish we did though, this one would be my next buy.

  3. Well I go to college so I do comfortable chic!

  4. This color is fantastic! I love purples! I kind of don't get fashion, it goes in and out and so hard to keep up with. I'll stick with my tshirt and jeans!

  5. 0o0oo i l0ve this colour
    i always love sally hansens stuff
    there great and this colour looks great
    on u

  6. Beautiful eggplant shade. I always wear jeans and a shirt. In my mind I wear very fashionable clothing. I do live in my mind.

  7. Gilded Angel-Nice! I love comfortable chic :)

    Jodie-This would look really pretty on you! :)

    Evil Angel-Awesome :) Chucks are still my favourite sneaker. I work in a warehouse so I usually wear steel-toed combat boots,jeans and about 4 layers of clothes because it's almost winter. I try not to "fit in" as much as I can,so wearing what makes me feel good is a must.

    Skye-Thank you :) This would look gorgeous on you as well!

    Lucy-Thank you! Lol! me too (well,I live in my mind,not yours). Jeans and t-shirts are my favourite thing to wear.


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