Monday, November 9, 2009

Old School:Revlon Iced Cocoa

Hello All! In the spirit of fall,I wanted to feature another gorgeous brown from Revlon.Iced Cocoa is more of a cooler-toned brown than Roasted Chestnut,but it's just as beautiful and it has that 'glowy' quality to it that I absolutely love.Glorious.

one lone picture indoors with flash

I bought this almost six years ago.It was sitting there,dusty and abandoned in a discount bin, passed over in favour of the boring flashier reds and pinks. I have never met a shimmery brown that I didn't like though,so I quickly snapped it up. According to the label this isn't a limited edition (unlike most of the Revlons I love),but it still might be pretty hard to find,as it isn't  a part of their core collection either. I hope Revlon re-releases some of their better "old" colours,and the entire Street Wear line too.That would be awesome.

That's all folks!
 I hope you all have a wonderful day :)

Pinkginger-who cannot think of anything to say at the moment but I refuse to believe that I have writers' block.


  1. What a neat color! I wish that browns looked better on my skintone!

  2. i want this colour so muchhh its just gorjuzzz on u

  3. Love this color. I always used to buy Revlon polish as a teenager and loved them. Revlon Red polish is still my favorite red.


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