Sunday, November 29, 2009

NOTD:OPI Crimson Carol and Another Milestone(ish)

Hello Ladies!
Today I'll be showing you one of the colours from OPI's Holday Wishes collection.Crimson Carol is a pink-toned red with gold glitter particles.When I saw the preview swatches my attention immediately went to the two flakies Merry Midnight and Shim-merry Chic (I own both and love them),Holiday Glow (again-love), Smitten with Mittens,and Sapphire in the Snow.Despite my love  for shimmery reds I wasn't "feeling" this one.At all. Then I tried it on. While it didn't wow me like the other colours I've mentioned,it's still a beautiful colour.It also doesn't hurt that it's a shimmery red and as I've mentioned before I love shimmery red.


indirect sunlight

straight on

outdoors no flash

indoors with flash

I love OPI,and it would be unfair for me to critique it because of my extreme bias.That being said,the only knock against this collection is the lack of gold and green.Other than that it's awesome.

In other news,I've reached another milestone 61 followers! (what's a girl got to do to get a round number?) I know I say this all the time,but I'm still suprised that anyone has taken an interest in my blog at all.This started out as an accident, (all I  really wanted to do was follow Polish Mayhem's blog) and  it evolved into a productive way to use my nail polish addiction.I love how supportive our community of bloggers (and followers) are,I'm proud to be a part of it. I'd like to thank everyone (again) for reading,and commenting. You always make me smile,and I hope I've been doing the same.

I'll probably have to do a giveaway when my followers list reaches a number divisible by either 7 or 9,seeing as how this "round numbers" thing isn't working out ;)

Happy Sunday! or Monday if you live on the other side of the world.

Ginger-who has yet to do any Christmas shopping,decorating,and baking. Bah Humbug. *jokes*


  1. That is a nice red. Congrats on all of the followers!

  2. Your nails look gorgeous as always. I love your blog! You have gorgeous nails, a sweet but snarky personality and wit. What's not to love?

  3. Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

    Lucy-Awww! Thank you :)Initially I tried(and failed miserably) to stick to focusing on polish,but I couldn't help but add little bits of my personality to my posts.I am so glad you enjoy it <33


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