Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NOTD:China Glaze Awakening

Good Morning Ladies!  I chose Awakening as my NOTD,mostly because I've never seen it swatched before.It's a beautiful rose shade with iridescent gold shimmer and let me tell you,it is gorgeous ! I normally pass on buying colours like this in favour of something a bit more unconventional.Or purple. But,I surprised myself once again by picking out another underrated gem.

indoors with flash

indoors with flash under lamp

a different angle to show the base colour

This is a perfect fall pink right?

In other news,I've been experimenting with Konad again.I did some pretty designs last night but I waited a little too long to stamp them on my nails and not all of the pattern transferred.And they smudged when I added a topcoat. I did take pictures of my Konad failure but I'm hesitant to share them because they look so messy.Once again,perfectionist Ginger rears her ugly head.I really need to get over myself :P

Well, That's it for now, have an awesome day!
Pinkginger-who is currently observing Rememberance Day to honor the war veterans :)


  1. I have this color, too (and swatches on my blog, haha), and it's really neat! Don't you love how it changes colors?

  2. KONADomania,Evil Angel and Gilded Angel-Thank You :)

    Shayla-lol you're right!I'm an absent-minded professor today ;)and I do love how it flashes from gold to pink,it's so pretty!

  3. Very pretty on you, love the duo chrome :)

  4. That's a very lovely shade on you. I don't think I have this one because I thought it was boring. Looks very pretty instead. Looks like I'll have to add this to my list.


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