Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award :Take Three

Hello All! First of all,I would like to thank the wonderful Jade (of Enamored Enamel fame) for the tag.I honestly love doing these,mostly to satisfy my compulsive need to share too much information (I admit it,it's a problem,i need help :P) Anyway, I am going to share seven more things that you didn't know about yours truly (sorry I took so long),

1.I'm not that into shoes.In fact,I hate shoe shopping! I will only purchase a new pair of shoes if I am forced to out of necessity.

2.My favourite beverage is tea.I love Assam and Ceylon loose teas the most,but I also enjoy brands like PG,and Typhoo.

3.I read Anna Karenina in three days.To be fair,I was on vacation and had an abundance of spare time,but I was surprised at how absorbed I was by the story.It has since become one of my favourite books of all time.

4.I was a huge fan of "grunge" music back in the day-which didn't win me any popularity points with my "Hip-Hop-or-else" classmates (I always dared to be different).My favourite bands were Soundgarden,Pearl Jam,Alice In Chains,and of course,Nirvana.

5.I have a good sense of humor,but I've never considered myself funny.One of my coworkers once described me as "more wry than comical". Which basically means that I can't tell a joke to save my life,but if you need a sardonic remark, I'm your girl.

6.My great-great grandfather was Cherokee.This is a new development, none of us had any idea until one of my cousins went to the archives to research our family history.So that's why I always rooted for the Indians :)

7.I despise all insects except ladybugs,butterflies,and spiders.A few days ago I woke up to find myself face to face with a spider and all I did was put it on the floor-they kill flies so they can't be all bad.On the other hand,I am terrified of caterpillars.

Well,That's about all I have for now,
I'm choosing to tag anyone who hasn't been tagged yet.

Pinkginger-who is looking forward to the weekend :)

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  1. thanks for doing the tag again :) love knowing other things sometimes besides cosmetic stuff from the people in the blogosphere (is it still called that?)


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