Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award Part Deux

Hello All! I was tagged again by the talented author of the blog Juicy-Nails ,so I'm going to present seven more facts about myself and then I'm going to tag more people!

1.I love languages.I speak a little French because I learned it in school,but I'd also like to learn Spanish,Italian,German,Russian,and at least one African dialect-maybe more.Actually,I want to learn all languages,that would be a useful skill to have.

2.If I had a choice between being too warm or being too cool,I'd choose being too cool.When I was 13 I went to Virginia to stay with my auntie and rarely left the (air-conditioned) house because I couldn't take the heat.I'm a pro at layering for cold weather though.But I hate having cold hands.If my hands are cold,I'm not a happy camper.

3.I'm incurably punctual and I can't stand being late.

4.My dream job involves writing and giving speeches.I have always been in love with writing.In high school my English teacher told me  "For someone with such a blatant disregard for proper grammar and punctuation,You're surprisingly good at getting your point across." Um,thanks?

5.I have a really good memory.Well,most of the time.Yesterday I forgot the word for "broom" and referred to it as "that thing that cleans the floor".Anyway,I'm good at remembering names,I never forget a face, and I was so good at remembering the names of countries,cities and continents that my supervisor put me in charge of reorganizing the travel section correctly.One of my co-workers actually put books about "Austria" in the "Australia" section.Can you say Geography fail?

6.I love watching movies.My favourite genres are comedy and drama,but I will also watch any martial arts film you toss my way (well, except for the ones starring Stephen Segal,Chuck Norris,of VanDamme-though Bloodsport was pretty good) .I particularly love any films made in Asia because in my opinion,they're the best. Romantic comedies on the other hand? *Snoozes*

7.I love cheesy reality shows. My current guilty pleasures are  "The Hills", and ,"The City" (do they even count?),but I also love So You Think You Can Dance,and The Amazing Race.I like to balance out my mindless junk fixation by reading books with some substance.The last book I read was Nikolai Gogol's collection of short stories.

Well,that's all I have for now I think I'm going to tag



and anyone else who wants to do this because I can't think of a blogger who hasn't already been tagged :)

Peace Out!
Pinkginger-who is  enjoying a lazy Saturday :)


  1. its always great reading new facts about fellow nail bloggers

    thanx for this =D

  2. Enjoy your lazy day. I love So You Think You Can Dance and Amazing Race. Comes on tonight, can't wait. I hate that there's a football game on before 60 Minutes. The show always starts late. Drives me crazy.


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