Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Snowing Outside So I Needed To Do Something Pretty

Hello Lovely Ladies!
We just received our first snow of the season today,(brrr!) so I wanted to create a look that was pretty and
 spring-like.I used China Glaze QT as a base colour,with Konad special polish in Light Blue,and plate M63 (loves it!). I tried this  out several times before I achieved the look I wanted.I think it's pretty good-if I do say so myself :)

In other news,my sister-in-law couldn't wait to inform me of her latest nailpolish purchase; OPI's Smitten With Mittens (she's  now officially been converted to the dark side *grins*). I also surprised her with a bottle of Japanese Rose Garden because she loves pink. I wouldn't be  the least bit surprised if she started her own blog ;)

Well,that's about all I have for today.I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!

Pinkginger-who is currently wearing China Glaze Mahoganie layered over Nars Tokkaido express.Verdict:Stunning!


  1. Oh no snow! It's 71 here in New Jersey! Can actually open the windows and I'm not freezing. Love the manicure. You got your SIL to the dark side, hahaha (wicked laugh)! Hope she does start a blog.

  2. Lucy-Thank you <3 I'm jealous!Yesterday my niece kept saying "I wanna go play in the sand!"(?) We all knew what she meant;) and I am trying to get Li to start one,or at the very least,become a "guest hand" on mine.Her nail beds are perfect and she has a great sense of humor too.Time will tell.

  3. I love your design, it's really pretty. You've done a great job.

  4. really well done your decor, like many

  5. Beautiful Ginger.

    Just on the other end of the spectrum, it's 32 degrees celsius today in Melbourne, Australia. That's about 89-90 in fahrenheit. Hot, hot, hot.

  6. boo snow! luckily it hasnt snowed yet here (nd stayed) cute nails...
    also I tagged you for kreativ blogger

  7. Snow? Ew. Ours (in Edmonton, Canada) at least disappeared...for the time being. The prettiness of the nails should counteract the snow, though! They're fun and girlie :)

  8. Gilded and Ethnimad-Thank You :)

    Jacie-Thank You :) also,32 degrees? OUCH!

    Enamoredenamel-Thank you.It was not a happy morning let me tell you. Also,thanks for the tag :)

    Shayla-Ours has melted completely * does happy dance* as,it has been unseasonably warm today.And thank you :) having pretty nails definitely had a positive effect on my state of mind.

  9. whaouh very somptuous, please do a tutorial !!!


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