Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Hello Again!
I was tagged by Evil Angel,the wonderful author of Black Nail polish and Lip gloss.I love her blog because she is one of the coolest and kindest women I know,she has super-long gorgeous nails,and she does amazing things with Konad.I want to be like her when I grow up :)

So now I have to select 15 blogs that I love,but I'm only going to tag 6. Just because.

Jade-I love your blog because you always swatch gorgeous colours (creating more than a few lemmings for me) ,you are awesome at Konad,and you're a fellow Canadian (hurrah for patriotism!)

Velvet-I love your blog because you add so much humor and personality to all of your posts.I love the props too.

Nicole- Even though you're probably still hard at work on your new home,I'm choosing you anyway.I love your blog because it is informative and fun.I especially like the 'bottle luv' shots.

JacieO- I've said it before,but you are one clever lady! I love your blog because you show love to new (to me) brands,and you include inexpensive polishes for us frugal gals.(who am I kidding? That is so not me). And you're a sweet heart :)

Liz-I love your blog because I am frequently LOL-ing at your posts. I love how you connect polish with music and I have ended up with many an earworm because of your blog (Welcome to the Jungle was in my head for two days! good thing i like that song) Oh,and your nails are gorgeous too :)

Konadomania-I love your blog because you make Konad look effortless. Your designs and colour choices are always perfect. I also like the fact that you often feature brands that aren't available here.

Thank you ladies for adding a little extra sunshine to my day :)

Ginger-who is humbled by this award :)

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