Monday, November 23, 2009

China Glaze Glitters:Dynasty

Hello Ladies! Today I have one of the new glitters from China Glaze.I know I'm waaay behind everyone else in swatching these,but I had to wait until they became available in my neck of the woods (yet another drawback of rural living) *sigh* Dynasty is a crimson-ish jelly with multi-coloured, iridescent glitter.I say crimson-ish because this is a tinted version of that colour.

Each swatch is 2 coats,no base or topcoat
top picture is indoors with flash, bottom picture is indoors without flash

I love this colour!

And for those of you who are children of the 80's (guilty!) here's a reminder of what Dynasty looked like back then. Courtesy of the grand master of prime time soap operas Aaron Spelling. I miss this show :(

Have an awesome Monday!
Ginger-who has decided to follow the example of Diddy and drop the "Pink" from my name.This is the only time I will ever follow the example of Diddy.


  1. That is a gorgeous color on you!!!

  2. Love it! The color looks so good on you. Thanks for the Dynasty clip, that show was ridiculous. In a good way.

  3. I'm so jealous ! In France, we don't find China Glaze and this colour is so cute !

  4. Claire- Thank you :) I don't know what I'd do if China Glaze wasn't available. *Hugs*

    Lambchop-Thank you :)It really was! I blame my Dynasty for my childhood tendency to slap someone across the face whenever they called me names. God I miss that show!

    Gilded Angel-Thank you :)

  5. I didn't miss a week of Dynasty. Loved that show. Love this polish also. Looks gorgeous on you.

  6. Lucy-Thank you :)I loved Dynasty,and I love this colour.Hopefully,I'll have every colour in this collection but I'm pacing myself.


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