Friday, November 6, 2009

A Big Giant Haul

Hello Ladies!
 As promised I have  pictures of my latest haul(s).Please keep in mind that this is several weeks' worth of purchases and I did not go crazy and buy all of this in one month,(though,would you really be surprised if I did? Didn't think so :P) and the last pic is a prize I won from the amazing women at Polish or Perish for being such a loyal reader (aww!) So here they all are!

Warning! Picture Heavy!!!

From Jessica L toR: Casablanca,Midnight Moonlight,Black Ice,Garnet Glaze,Glamorous Gladiator,Grecian Touch and Venus Was Her Name

L to R: Cords,2030,Sunshine,Strawberry Smoothie,Anklets of Amethyst ( I blame Nicole for this one!),Electric Lilac,Mahoganie,Orange Marmalade,DV8,2Nite

Razzle,Fairy Dust,Prince Charming,Poison Apple

DS Original,DS Reflection,Crimson Carol,Sapphire in the Snow, and OPI Ink Suede

From AvenueYou L to R: Shim-Merry Chic,At Your Quebec and Call,Merry Midnight,Smitten With Mittens,Glacier Bay Blues,Holiday Glow,and All A-Bordeaux the Sled

From ebay L to R: Blk Billa-Bong,Ginger (ha!),Meteor Shower,Stellar,Moulin Rouge,Bad Kitty,Carnival Lights,Trophy Wife,Preppy Pink,Blue Hawaiian,Stone Age,Whimsical

DS Glamour,Ki

and HTF Ocean Love Potion

From Sephora,Mac and Eyeko: Absinthe Makes the Heart,212,Tokkaido Express,Baby Goth Girl,Punk Polish,and Pastel Polish (bought because of  Jacie)

From my local drugstore (Canadian Exclusives!): Fashion Forward,Purple Heart,American Beauty,Valentino,Burnt Sienna,Project Runway

From Sally Beauty Supply: Evergreen Dream,Molten Gold,Fortune Teller, and Awakening

 and last but certainly not least,the 6 polishes I won from the ladies at Polish or Perish: Sapphire,Jewelry Red,Red Sparkle,Neon Sapphire,Mango,and Twinkly Love

Phew! I think I'll stop now. I'm also awaiting the arrival of the last of my ebay haul,and the polish that Jacie is sending.I went from not winning anything,to winning twice in one week.It's good to be king :)

I hope you all have a spectacular day! I am very much looking forward to the weekend because I am insanely busy at work.Did I mention that I love Christmas in retail? *sarcasm*

Pinkginger-who is really tired right now,yet unable to sleep.Grrr!


  1. You got some fantastic polishes. I've never bought from ebay. Are the people selling really safe? Who do you buy from?

  2. The two Angels :) Thank you!

    Lucy-I only buy from sellers that I know are reputable. The one I use the most is Sparkling*nails,but I also use Beautyzone2007,r93,and djk8188. I've never had problems with any of them,plus they ship to the Middle of Nowhere :) If you're on MUA I think they have a list of "good" sellers and "bad" sellers.I hope this helps :)


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