Friday, November 13, 2009

51 Followers!?!? and A Streaky Konad

Good Morning Ladies!
First of all,let me say how pleased (and shocked) I am to have 51 followers! I began blogging by accident and did not expect to have any readers.At all.I was perfectly fine with posting my inane rambling for personal enjoyment (sounds weird but you all know what I mean),when-much to my chagrin,people started reading it.My initial thought was, "Crap! Now I actually have to make sense!" As you may or may not have noticed( if you skim past my rambling and look at the pictures probably not),I have a tendency to say/write whatever comes to my head.Most of the time it makes sense,sometimes it doesn't,leaving everyone to wonder "What on earth is she babbling about?" The good thing about me is that I usually tell you.In a really long-winded way. Anyway,I've said all of that to say this: Thank You! I love how supportive everyone is of one another,your comments always make me smile,and to my fellow bloggers,I love looking at your blogs even though it's really expensive for me :) I can't promise you that this blog will always be well-written (has it been well-written?),the pictures won't always be top notch,(again,have they ever?) But I will always be honest with you;good or bad,I will always say whatever I feel like saying,I will always post the occasional YT vid music or otherwise,and I will frequently be cheesy.But,to quote one of my favourite lines from Buffy the Vampire Slayer "I wear the cheese.It does not wear me."  (the Cheese man)
So there :P

Now to the nails,this is the mani I did a few days ago that ended up all streaky when I added a topcoat (Sally Hansen I think) I used Quirius The Arabian Nights as a base colour,with special nailpolish in pastel blue and plate M60.

Behold the Streaky goodness!

My verdict: The idea gets a solid "A", the excecution- "Meh"

I know other bloggers have giveaways when the reach a round number,but believe it or not that has never happened to me.It seems I always end up with 11,or 21,or 31,and now 51.I might have to revise this a bit so I actually get to do one.Sooo, Giveaway when I reach a number divisible by 12! *just kidding*

I'll get back to you on that ;)

Happy! Happy! Friday!!!!

Pinkginger-who is really thankful for you all :) xoxoxo


  1. :D gratz for your 51 followers! I'm happy to be one of them, because I love what you call rantings!,i would call them beeing honest and human!^^
    I totally get it when u say u expected no readers! I'm suprised i got any myself too!:P
    guess we never think that what we have to say or show migth actually be of interest to others...
    anyway! i love the design you used for your mani, and the colors! looks so elegant and pretty!
    and you reminded me that i need to start saving up and stocking up so i can make some nice giveaway, for all the nice people that take the time to read my blog too!Can't thank them enough for their kind comments either!^^


  2. I love that pattern, I recently used it and I fell in love with it!

  3. I love the Konadicure, it looks like a lovely old print in the rain. OK so I'm odd and see beauty in the stranges ways, but still I think it looks grand!
    OH and you always make sense to me, though I don't know how coforting that is! :)

  4. 53 followers now!! Congrats!

  5. congratz on the followers hun
    and i LOVEEEEEEE this konad
    looks so pretty on you,i love this
    colour combo together,very nice

  6. Pretty pattern and love the color. Looks like a lovely manicure thru a rainy window.


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