Monday, October 19, 2009

The You Make Me Smile Award

OK,so I was re-tagged by the beautiful ,talented and effortlessly clever Jacie author of the blog You've Got Nail and her blog makes me smile because she is always so upbeat! I also love the colours she chooses and the brands (she also the reason why I opened a Butter London account so I can order polishes from them next week-uh oh!).I think her blog is fantastic :)

 here are two more songs that make me smile (sorry,I couldn't just pick one!)

Superstition-by Stevie Wonder makes me smile because it's an awesome song.A few years ago I mentioned to my mother how much I loved this song and she replied "I know,you used to dance to it all the time when you were a baby",and imagining my infant self dancing to the music always makes me smile. Clearly,my awesome taste in music started at a very young age ;)

 Du Hast by Rammstein makes me smile for an entirely different reason.My taste in music is completely random. I'll listen to anything from cheesy pop songs,to rap,gospel,and even country. My brother hated my music and would always try to drown my stereo out with his.Naturally,this stereo warfare only happened when my parents were out because we technically weren't allowed to be listening to any of it .My mom is a conservative Christian lady so if the song wasn't about Jesus,we weren't allowed to play it. Anyway,this was the only song I played that would make my brother turn his stereo off in defeat.It's loud,and catchy and surprisingly danceable. Take that Biscuit! (that's my brother)

Now I have to choose more blogs that make me smile,
and they are:

Nosaby-Your blog makes me smile because you choose amazing colours,I love the comparison swatches and the occasional Joss Whedon reference.I can tell what a wonderful person you are just by reading your posts :)

Thriszha-Your blog makes me smile because of all the amazing designs you do.I love seeing what you'll come up with next because they are always really gorgeous and creative.

Amarena-Your blog makes me smile because you always feature beautiful colours and brands that aren't available here,and you have fantastic Konadicures.

Honestly,I could go on all day because all of you make me smile. You're all wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next :)

Pinkginger-who is so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful,and supportive blog community <3 You guys rock!

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