Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven Things

The wonderful Lambchop tagged me to choose 7 orange things.I really had to dig for this one because even though I love it,I don't have many orange objects.At all.This is all I could find.

1.My Journal-Actually,this is one of many journals.I think it's from 2005-2006 this is the journal that I began each entry with what colour I was wearing on my nails and toes.I am such a nerd :P

2.A Sharpie highlighter-I use this to mark my favourite passages in books.I also collect pens and markers,so this is one of many I use.My bank actually had to stop me from using orange ink on cheques because apparently it's harder to read.

3.A book about Africa-This is a book I bought that has a lot of gorgeous pictures in it.I have always wanted to visit the continent of Africa,but I've never had the opportunity.It's on my bucket list.

4. and 5. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nailpolish in Mandarine and Sun Kissed two untried polishes from my Wal-Mart haul a few months ago.

6.Is probably the lamest entry.One measly orange sock that I found in my laundry basket.Of course the other one is missing in action,so this one gets to stand alone.

7.A Glittery scrapbook page-When I'm not working and blogging,I'm scrapbooking.This is one of my favourite hobbies because it is both artistic and crafty.It is so relaxing to put pages together,I absolutely love doing it.

Well, those are my 7 lame orange things,Now I get to pick 7 blogs I follow to do this tag, and the winners are...
Pretty Brown Girl

and your colour is....Pink -of course you all knew I was going to pick that one right ;)

Pinkginger-who had a really hard time picking out 7 orange things,hence the sock :)


  1. Thank you so much for playing along. I guess I picked a really hard color. But it's a fun way to get to know everybody a little better. Hope you have an enchanted evening!

  2. Lambchop-Thanks for tagging me!Orange was a bit of a challenge,but I love doing things like this so it was definitely fun :) I hope you have an enchanted weekend <3

  3. This color would be tough for me. The only orange things I own are nail polish and Fall decorations.


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