Monday, October 5, 2009

Seven Things Tag:Hot Pink

I was tagged by the lovely and talented Tiffany,who happened to pick my favourite colour ever...Hot Pink.It wasn't hard for me to find 7 hot pink objects( the hard part for me was narrowing my choices down to seven) Anyway,here they are :

1.Pink Silk Vest-I bought this many years ago at a second-hand shop.I still wear it occasionally (i refuse to accept that vests have gone out of style!) but I have yet to wear the matching pants-I look too much like a genie.

2.Disney Princesses container-I use this to hide candy in at my desk.I say "hide" because if my coworkers knew about my candy stash,there wouldn't be one.

3.My Leafs Girl ball cap-I'm a huge hockey fan,and my favourite Canadian team is the Toronto Maple Leafs(my fave American team is Detroit).Toronto is one of those teams that you either love or hate-I happen to love them and I show my support by wearing this girly pink hat :)

4.My pink Journal-I bought this in 2006 but I hardly ever write in it.I have at least 10 more of these.

5.Make-up bag-I got this as a freebie with a magazine.I carry make-up with me wherever I go,and this one is really great for carrying small items like lipgloss and eyeshadow.

6.Jump-Rope-I got this for Easter when I was 10 years old.The funny thing? I still use it.

7.Zoya Kiki-I love this colour with an all-consuming passion! It is the perfect shimmery hot pink.One of my favourites.

Also pictured are my collection of pink pens.I have a pink-paged journal that I only use pink ink to write in,good thing I have a  good variety to choose from.(whoops! that was 8 I told you I couldn't narrow it down)

I love doing these! If you haven't been tagged already,I choose teal,you can participate if you'd like :)

Pinkginger-who also remembers her "My favourite colour is black because it reflects my constant mood" phase.Teenagers.


  1. I like your disney container, so cute!

  2. I thought for sure you wouldn't have much pink! Ha! A jump rope, that is cute. I like the Disney box also.

  3. Kae-Thanks :) I am a huge Disney fan,so when I saw this in the store I had to buy it.

    Lucy-LOL!Me? Have a lot of pink? Noo! and I can't believe I still have the jump rope.More proof that I'm a pack rat ;)

  4. All I have to say is - ZOYA KIKI! ♥ The best thing ever.
    Shocking, you love pink? I never would have guessed. Haha!


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