Friday, October 2, 2009

Seven Things Part Deux

I was also tagged by the lovely Amarena,the colour she chose for me was blue, which proved to be a lot less challenging than orange (it's a good thing-I love a challenge!) So here goes,

1. Blue Nailpolish-Technically this is 1,2, and 3 but I couldn't decide which colour to choose so I picked all three.I chose Rodeo Fanatic because it is the colour I am currently wearing (verdict: loves it!),OPI Ink is my favourite blue of all time! and Sexy in the City is just ridiculously bright and beautiful.

2.Dark Blue shirt-I purchased this in Kensington Market (Toronto) in a store called  Courage My Love (don't you love that name?) It's one of my favourites and I wear it all the time.

3.Blue Raspberry flavoured Tongue Tinglers-Because I have the eating habits of a 9 year old,this is spray candy that I got from my nephew.You spray it on your tongue just like Binaca.Only it's raspberry flavoured and sour.And I thought the wax candy from my childhood was weird.

4.A Butterfly broach-this was a gift from my Nana.She is an awesome woman who is beautiful,and feisty and has lots of jewelry that she  loves to give away.She never lets me leave empty-handed.

5.Plaster of Paris Sculpture-I made this in 11th grade art class.It was created by pouring wet plaster into my hands until the plaster dried.I painted it blue because I had an abundance of blue paint that I really wanted to get rid of.

6.Halter top-I originally bought this top for church,but when my mother saw it she said,"That looks more like a Saturday Night top to me,put a tank top under it".When I told her that you don't put tank tops under halters,she said  "You should wear it on a date then,I know this nice young man who'd be perfect for you..." (Thanks Ma,Thanks a lot).  The last time I wore it was at a barbecue at my brother's house.

7.My Peace necklace- I purchased this the same day I bought those China Glaze Glitters that I wasn't supposed to be buying.I once read a baby name book that said that the name Erin actually means Peace.I have been wearing peace-related jewelry ever since.

Ok this is usually the part where I tag 7 people but since,I've laready done that I tag everyone who hasn't been tagged yet.Hurrah! for laziness =)

Pinkginger-who would've included my  Toronto Maple Leafs jersey to celebrate the official start of the hockey season,but I coudn't find it :(


  1. I love that pin! I used to collect pins. I have a big collection. When I was working I used to buy lots of Joan Rivers jewelry. She really has some beautiful pins. She has things for young and old. I haven't bought any pins in ages. Love the blue polish. I like your blue hand sculpture. Cute.

  2. Lucy-Thank You :) Ididn't start collecting pins until a few years ago,now I have quite a few.Joan Rivers has impeccable taste in jewelry,her pieces are always so elegant.I love blue,so I had to include my current (and all time) favourites.


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