Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old School:Revlon Roasted Chestnut

Yet another old Revlon! I have no idea when this colour was originally released. All of my research says it was 2002 but,I can vividly remember wearing this colour in high school at least 7 years before.Anyway, It's a beautiful shimmery golden brown that is quintessentially fall.It has such a cozy and warm look to it! Immediately thoughts of sitting in front of the fire with  a cup of spiced apple cider come to mind-Lovely.I loved this shade enough to buy a back-up.It's truly one of my favourite browns of all time.

One picture indoors with flash 2 coats

This is such a rich,beautiful shade.I have no words to describe how lovely this is,(um,other than "lovely"-that is :P).And because Autumn is in full swing here in rural Canada,I thought that a song by the phenomenal Nat King Cole would be the perfect way to end this post.Well,that,and the fact that I really don't have anything else to say.
Enjoy!(or skip to something else :P)

Have a Great Day!
Pinkginger-who has more than made up for lost time by purchasing twice as much as I usually do.My mother would be appalled!


  1. Oh yes,this color looks just like fall! So beautiful! I wonder if I have a brown that is similar. I've been trying to wear more fall colors since I'm finally beginning to accept that summer is over. *sad face*

  2. That is a lovely brown and a perfect Autumn shade. It glows next to your skin!

  3. That is a beautiful shade on you. I used to wear Revlon all the time. I just adored that brand. Then I got out more in the world and went crazy! I have some Revlon's not old ones though. Wish I still had them. My favorite red is Revlon Red. It's just perfect. Mommy going to be mad at you, haha! Did you spent a lot of money and bought a load of polish?

  4. Gorgeous color, it screams fall!


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