Friday, October 2, 2009

NYX Jungle

I picked out this beauty a few months ago.It's a beautiful teal duochrome with green and gold shimmer.I could not stop staring at this one! It combines two of my favourite colours,(blue and green) and gold shimmer.It's really pretty.I had never purchased NYX nailpolish before (though I have tried their eyeshadows),and I must say that I'm impressed.The formula is nice,it dries quickly between coats,and they have some fantastic colours.My only beef (heh, i said "beef") is with the pigment .It's quite sheer for such a rich colour.I used 4 coats and there was still a visible nail line.But that is only a mild annoyance,this colour is absolutely gorgeous-with or without visible nail lines!

Now The Pictures!

Both indoors with flash,I didn't get to photograph this one in sunlight,but it looks quite different.Did I mention that I love duochromes?

Finding this colour made me want to get up and dance! Jungle Boogie even.So here's a little Kool and the Gang for your listening pleasure (unless of course you don't like  Kool and the Gand-then not so much)

Sorry I keep doing this,I figured out how to embed YT videos in posts a month ago and now I can't stop :P
In other news,my hauls are slowly coming in (I'll post the whole thing once they're all here) I picked out some great colours and I'm very excited to swatch them all...once I get through the ones I already have =) What have I gotten myself into?

Happy Friday Ladies and have a wonderful day!
Pinkginger-who refuses to count my untrieds because it will remind me of how much work I'll have to do :/


  1. I just got done dancing at the computer. I love that song. I missed Don Cornelius! I used to watch Soul Train. I loved the dancing most of all. That's a gorgeous polish on you. I couldn't see any VNL. It too pretty of a polish to worry about that! Get down!

  2. Lucy- LOL! Soul Train was a FANTASTIC show! I loved everything about it,from the dances,and the performances,to the word scramble.This is one of my favourite songs.And Jungle is a lovely colour,I'll definitely wear it again :)


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