Monday, October 19, 2009

NOTD:OPI Pink Flamenco

Good Morning All!
I don't know about the rest of you,but whenever I see the name of this polish my mind always changes the name to Pink Flamingo,and then I think of the John Waters movie that I  accidentally caught a glimpse of when I was a kid.Needless to say, it practically scarred me for life-I still can't see a live chicken without thinking about that scene *shudders*. Anyway, this lovely polish has nothing to do with that. Pink Flamenco was released as a part of OPI's snooze-tastic Espana collection  (OK, I admit that I love the three vampies,and Can You Tapas This?,but the rest? *yawns*) I purchased this colour simply because I love the colour pink.It's an unusual choice for fall, but I have never been one to follow the strict rules regarding colour seasons.I do like the colour though.It's not the most ground-breaking shade I've ever seen,but it's pretty and eye-catching.The formula is nice too,it only took me two coats to achieve the bottle colour but I always add three out of habit. It's raining outside,so both of my crappy pictures are indoors.

indoors with flash

indoors no flash under lamp

Neither picture is what I would call true-to-life.The first picture is too bright,and the second is too coral-looking.The real life colour is somewhere in between. I really like this colour I don't feel compelled to buy any of the other shades,because none of them are interesting enough.And that's just sad.
My favourite Fall collections were offered by Color Club and China Glaze.Misa's ad campaign turned me off,and I'm not a fan of the current Matte craze with the exception of OPI's Suedes and Zoya's Mattes.
In other news,I've been practicing with my Konad kit all weekend.Verdict: Fun! but frustrating thus far,I'll post the results when I stop messing them up :P

Pinkginger-who is thoroughly enjoying the stamping experience-even though I suck at it right now.


  1. gorjuzz pink and i totally get were ur comming from with the flamingo's hehehe

  2. Hahaha, Erin, I've been practicing Konad for a MONTH and I suck at it. Seriously. It's like that line in Erin Brokovich.
    Anyway - this is one of the colors I didn't pick up - I picked up the super neutral one, which turned out to be really pretty, can't remember the name! And Can You Tapas This? too! I'm with you, my favorite fall collections were China Glaze and Color Club. :)

  3. Skye-Thank You <3 and Pink Flamingos the movie? Ugh.

    Jacie-Aww,Thanks sweetie! <3

    Nicole-Konad will be the end of me! *jokes* I admire everyone who is awesome at it,because so far my efforts have been colossal failures. I guess I have to keep practicing.
    I forgot to include the one neutral as another colour I liked. I am lemming the Color Club Collection something awful,but,Color Club is super HTF here so I have to order them from ebay.I didn't comment on your post of the purple holo because I went straight to ebay to buy it :)


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