Thursday, October 29, 2009

NOTD: Wet 'N' Wild Craze Morbid

Hello! Just a quick post today,(seriously!) Wet 'N' Wild Morbid from their Craze collection.Verdict: It's green,so I'll love it for that fact alone.The formula is OK,(a tad runny),and I found the brush quite difficult to use.But the bottle is super-cute,so I guess that makes up for it. One picture because it was dark and cold out by the time I got home from work.I love cold weather. *sarcasm*

That is all.Seriously.

Pinkginger-who is in Christmas-mode already.I love working in retail :)


  1. such a pretty green colour, love it too!:)

    I'm having my first giveaway, please check;)

  2. I adore cold weather (extra strength sarcasm). Love this color on you. I have all of this collection. Haven't tried them yet.

  3. This looks hot on you, missy. I'm just loving the Craze polishes.

    I laughed when I read the Xmas bit. I started my Xmas window and endcaps in August. I'm worried we may be sold out completely by the end of next month!


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