Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Halloween Konad!

Happy Halloween Ladies! For today's mani I wanted to try another Konad (I am determined to master this!).I initially wanted it to be a pattern,alternating between the spider and the skull,but I accidentally stamped two skulls on my middle finger and had to revise my design a bit. The base colour is OPI's Music Hall Curtain Call,with Konad special polish in Black Pearl.I passed on ordering a Halloween plate,so I used M28 instead.I used Seche Clear as a basecoat and Essie To Dry For as a topcoat.

Take a look!

I thought spiders and skulls would be appropriate,given the occasion.I do love dressing up for Halloween,and still miss trick or treating sometimes (I could probably get away with it because I'm small and look young for my age,but seeing as how I'm almost 30-I should probably abandon the idea :P) Last year I hung out with my niece and nephew and had a wonderful time eating all their candy. My best costume ever was probably the year I went as a wizard (much to the chagrin of my dear mother), complete with a floor-length black robe with gold embroidery and a pointy hat.Sure,I kept tripping on the robe,and the hat was too big,but I felt very regal in that costume and did not want to take it off.My worst; a clown costume.I.Hate.Clowns.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Be safe!

Pinkginger-who is wondering if it is OK to steal candy from a 2 year-old.For her own good of course ;)


  1. thats so nice.. i love the stamp color u used.. happy halloween sweety!!

  2. I love the Konadicure, spiders and skulls are perfect for Halloween!
    My best costume was when I used to work at the Haunted House (many costumes in those years) my favorite was the year I was a Jack the ripper victim complete with open wounds and a slashed face! (oh those were the days)

    Worst Halloween costume Tweety bird with a Giant head and I kept tripping over the feet.

  3. too sweet! I laughed at abandoning the trick or treating idea. My younger sister(she's 26) Talks about the by gone days of trick or treating too. I stopped at 15,and don't seem to miss it...hmmm...don't know why? Cause I love Halloween! Thats such a cute mani, it looks like you doubled stamped on purpose. You're becoming an excellent konad stamper. Happy Halloween!

  4. Thriszha-Thank You <3 Happy Halloween!

    Evil Angel-Thank You I love skulls and creepy crawlies :)That is a fanastic idea for a costume!I wish I could've seen it.And those character costumes are THE WORST! I had to dress up like Clifford the Big Red Dog for work one year.It was hot,smelly and extremely uncomfortable.Ugh.

    Velvet-Lol! I think I miss the prospect of free candy more than anything else ;) and thank you for the lovely compliment.I'm still new to stamping,but I'm having a lot of fun experimenting with it.Have a wonderful day!

    Gilded Angel-Thank You! I hope you have a Happy Halloween as well :)

  5. 0oo00o i loveee it
    veryy cutee
    happy halloween hun =D

  6. Man am I behind! Love you Halloween manicure. Your costume stories are so funny! I'm enjoying reading others also. My Mother made my costumes so I looked fantastic. I was a gypsy with silk and satin skirt and vest, little bo peep with the pretty pink dress and shepherd's crook. She found the costume in a fairy tale book. It was beautiful. I also was a Dutch girl complete with the hat and wooden shoes. I was a fairy with a beautiful satin long robe with a net overlay and a pair of wings. My Dad made me those. My last costume was a witches robe, cape and big pointy hat. I wore that till I stopped going out about 16. All that candy, who wants to quit?


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