Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Thought The Lubu Manicure Was Lame So I Tried This Instead

When I first heard the idea for China Glaze's Lubu manicure(applying Lubu Heels on the nail,and Ruby Pumps on the underside to mimic the look of Christian Louboutin shoes),I absolutely hated it.First of all,I hate putting polish on the underside of my nails,and second,this manicure only works if your nails are long,and mine aren't anymore  :(  So I decided to do a French mani instead.I did this free hand because I was being impatient(shock!),and I didn't want to wait for it to dry.I think it turned out pretty well.

indoors with flash because I did it after I got home from work.

blurred because I thought it looked pretty like this :)

I don't normally do nail art because I'm pretty bad doing it free-hand (for some reason,my artistic skills fail me when I'm painting my nails-I'm  a lot better with canvas).I have yet to try Konad stamping,but I admire anyone who has the patience to do it and the results are always beautiful.I think for now I'll just focus on polish and boring entertaining you with my lame fascinating stories ;)

Take Care Ladies! and Happy Saturday!

Pinkginger-who is still miffed that I fell asleep and missed Dollhouse last night.On the bright side,I am well-rested :)


  1. beautiful, love it!<3 very feminine and vampy

  2. I love it, it looks so cool. I agree the Lubu mani is kinda weird. My nails never get that long so it's not for me. This is an awesome take on that!

  3. This is really cute! I think I'll give it a try. I didn't like the Lubu mani either.

  4. Your mani came out looking great! I may have to try this one

  5. I love this manicure. It's much better than the original idea. I don't like putting polish underneath either. Plus I don't have enough nail length to do that either. I think your idea is much better.

  6. Thank you all <3 Even when I did have the length,the Lubu mani is not something I would ever try.I think this is a much better spin on that look (if I do say so myself),plus you don't have to worry about cleaning the underside of you nail.It's also a bonus because I've never seen either of these colours look bad on anyone,so it's universally flattering as well :)


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