Monday, October 5, 2009

China Glaze Yee Haw!

Ladies and Gentlemen,this is my first series!
Well,I'm excited about it.
Anyway,because I missed the initial release of China Glaze's Rodeo Diva Collection last year,I'm going to be posting the collection this week.This is one of my favourite collections ever.I love every colour,even the one I didn't buy (sorry Red Stallion)
The first one I chose is what I would call a "mom" shade.I don't mean that in a derogatory way.I love my mom,she's a wonderful lady.She just happens to have  bad taste a boring colour pallette when it comes to nailpolish.This is a mom shade because it is the type of shade that my mother would go nuts for.You see,when it comes to nailpolish,my mother and I are on opposite sides of the colour spectrum.If it's frosty,sheer,or bronze,my mother is all over it.Most of the colours she loves,I hate,and the colours I love,she hates.We rarely agree on accceptable colours or at least, we didn't until  the day I bought Yee Haw by China Glaze.It is a shimmery peachy copper that reminds me of a shiny new penny.As expected,my mother adored it,but to my surprise,I did too.It is such a  gorgeously Fall colour! My mom is a nurse,so she doesn't get to wear polish a lot,but I can definitely see her borrowing this to wear on a night out.If she can wrestle it from me,that is :)

And The Pictures!

outdoors no flash

indoors with flash under lamp

indoors with flash normal light

Fall is my favourite season,followed by Spring and Winter.Summer is too hot and brings out my inner grandma-you know,the one who always complains about how hot it is outside,and how people should "put some damn clothes on!"(the only thing missing is one of those hand-held electric fans). As soon as the temperature drops I'm one of the few people who are thrilled about it. My favourite thing about fall is the changing of the leaves.My nephew once aptly described it as, "when the trees change their clothes".Too precious. Fall is also the time when I break out my vampies.I'm not as strict about nail polish seasons as other people. I wear brights in winter and so-called winter colours in summer,but there's something about wearing a golden bronze  or burgundy on a clear fall day that just feels right.It also looks fabulous.

I hope you have a happy Monday!
Pinkginger-who is looking forward to Thanksgiving next week :)


  1. I love this collection, possibly one of their best! Looking forward to seeing your swatches.

  2. "When the trees change their clothes" is just how I described it to my children and my countless work children over the years. It's awesome to watch it in fall. I just hate winter, but I'm trying to change my attitude about cold weather & see the beauty in it. TRYING! lol...

    This color is a perfect color. I love the first pic in the sunlight. It's so lovely and looks great against brown skin! Just beautiful! :)

  3. I love this whole collection and I own Red Stallion. This was my first one from that collection. I love it also. A perfect Fall color. I'd love Thanksgiving dinner next week. Sounds good. Love this shade on you.

  4. slay me. I swear it. *crickets* That just had me rolling!
    I love your little stories. I think the only one of this collection I'll be skipping is Red Stallion too, the swatches look too orangey red for me. I like red, I like orange, but I hate them together.
    This - I didn't expect to like, but it's SO pretty, I have to have it.


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