Thursday, October 8, 2009

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

A glowy blue? Bananas! (sorry-I've been quoting Rachel Zoe all week and it's kind of freaking me out) Anyway,Rodeo Fanatic is an amazing blue and the Rodeo Collection's darling.Can you think of anyone who didn't like this colour? No? Me neither.I wore this for 3 DAYS! I typically change my nailpolish every day,but this one I loved enough to leave on.It's a deep teal blue packed with shimmer.In the bottle it looks like it has a pinkish duochrome,but it doesn't on the nail.Whatever,this colour is amazing. (man,i'm repetitive!i  really need a thesaurus)


indoors with flash

outdoors in indirect sun

outdoors in shade

indoors at dusk brings out the "glowy"

I love this colour!

I actually wore this for 4 days,but I layered it with OPI Paris Couture For Sure (a holographic topcoat) on the last day I wore it,so I'm not counting that one.Even Sloth (my coworker) complimented me on it.He also asked if it was metallic.I've taught him so well  :)

Peace Out!
Pinkginger-who is running out of words to express how truly awesome this collection is!


  1. Now your co-workers know the terminology! Next you'll be picking out polish together. I couldn't resist that! That looks gorgeous on you. I wish my nails were as long as yours. I really think this was the best collection of all. I'm wearing Color Club's Wild & Willing. This is two days and I don't want to take it off. I love the copper foil finish on it. It's so hard not to sound repetitive. You don't at all. But describing or commenting on polish gets hard after awhile.

  2. Oooh. Now I almost added this one to my basket that I almost bought the other day, but I held off, I'm on an accidental no buy. This is as gorgeous as I thought it would be! Four days! I can't imagine having a four day manicure.

  3. Lucy-Thank You :)It was funny because it came completely out of nowhere! I think Sloth really likes blue,he seems to only notice my nails when they're painted that colour,but the "metallic" thing threw me for a loop! Wild and Willing is such a perfect fall colour,I wish Color Club was available here so I could buy it.Their colours are stunning! I have to aree with you about this collection.Every colour I try on I love.That is extremely rare for me.
    I keep trying to think of new ways to say "this is a gorgeous red with shimmer" but I can't do it.I always use the word gorgeous because that's truly what I think about it :)

    Nicole-Tell me,how does one go on an accidental no-buy? *lol* This colour would look gorgeous on you. I was surprised that I kept it that long,but I did not want to take it off! I've since reverted back to my "one day and you're done" polish wearing ways.I have far too many to do repeats.And yet I keep buying more :P


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