Wednesday, October 7, 2009

China Glaze Gussied Up Green

Hello All!
In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I'm new to the dark green polish craze,( I didn't even know what a Nars Zulu was until I googled it-seriously).The only dark green I owned before I started blogging was an ancient bottle of Cutex Emerald,(all of the others I had were either army green or kelly green).Anyway,Gussied Up Green was the first colour I ever purchased from the Rodeo Diva Collection.I did it mostly to fill a void and thought it would be another ordinary dark green,but I was completely amazed by how beautiful it is in person.It is a gorgeous deep forest green shimmer with a slight blue tinge that noticed right away in the bottle,but it's more subtle on the nail.


indoors with flash

indoors under lamp

outdoors (overcast no flash)

outdoors overcast with flash

Isn't she lovely? This is another favourite of mine from this collection.It has depth,shimmer,and it is perfect for the fall/winter season.I love it with a passion.

That's all the nail-related news I have today,but I'm very excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday,(us Canadians celebrate it in October). I'm hoping that I'm able to top last year's feast of a deep-fried turkey (because my family deep-fries everything),with garlic-mashed potatoes,and pan-fried stuffing.Man,I can't wait!

Have a Lovely day Ladies!
Pinkginger-who just ordered her first Konad plates yesterday-I'm a little scared :P


  1. She certainly is lovely! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, the food sounds delicious :)

  2. I love this deep green color. It's lovely. I have a sweater the exact same color.

    Your Thanksgiving holiday meal sounds dee-lish! I love Thanksgiving as well. We have about 6 weeks here in the U.S. before we celebrate. I always cook a huge meal! :)

  3. Mary-Thanks <3 It's one of my favourite holidays!

    PBG-It's a beautiful shade :)
    Our Thanksgiving meals are usually massive (to feed my huge extended family) We always end up with at least 3 weeks' worth of leftovers!

  4. I'll be over for dinner! Sounds delicious. Gussied Up Green looks seriously beautiful on you. I think you need to look for more deep greens. Just lovely.

  5. Oh yeah, this was the second one I ordered? Or the third, from Rodeo Diva. I can't remember now. But it's SO cool! I have to agree, I have yet to see a swatch of it that does it justice, but your photos are pretty, regardless!
    Oooh, I LOVE Thanksgiving. But then, I love to eat, I swear I do. Between now and the new year, I'll probably gain 500 pounds. Haha. And your dinner is making me drool, I want some!
    I'm way behind on posts, so I'll be making my way through your blog ;)
    Oh - I've had my Konad for about a month now, and I'm so horrible at it, I cannot do it right! I refuse to even post my first attempts. AND, my Misas came in today - they were OOS of Dirty, Sexy Money AGAIN. :( But the other ones are gorgeous!

  6. The color is very nice.I love the way your nails look in the pictures. One day, I hope to let my nails grow.

    I could go for some deep -fried turkey NOW!

  7. Lucy-Thank You!I'm going to order more BB Couture's-their greens are so gorgeous! and you're welcome over for dinner any time :)

    Nicole-Thank You :) I love any holiday that has great food attached! I think my favourite Thanksgiving food is stuffing,but I also love pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes.Can you tell I'm looking forward to Monday? *lol* If I could mail you some food without it spoiling I would-there's usually enough to feed a small army.Oh already does ;)
    I'm a little afraid of Konad.I usually fail at nail art,so I don't know how I'll fare :/ I hope Transdesign gets more of Dirty Sexy Money soon,it's a lovely colour and iit would look awesome on you.I can't wait to see what you picked out :)

    Princess-Thank You! Your designs are already amazing,but longer nails would give you an even bigger canvas to work with :)
    and deep fried turkey is my favourite-other than stuffing.Yum!


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