Saturday, October 10, 2009

China Glaze Cowgirl Up

First of all,I love the name of this colour.Cowgirl Up is feminine version of the colloquialism Cowboy Up,which basically means to quit your whining and do what you have to do to succeed.This is a lovely mulberry (or red-violet if you want to get technical),that's packed with blue,pink,and puple shimmer.This one looks amaaaazing in the sun! All of the shimmer is displayed beautifully whenever the light hits it.I knew better than to wear it to work because I just knew I would be checking out my nails every 5 minutes.It has the same glowy effect as of all the other colours I've featured,with the lovely multicololoured shimmer as an added bonus.Did I mention that I love shimmer? Because I do.It is by far my favourite finish and my stash is a reflection of that.I thought this would be a typical red-purple (the swatches on Transdesign's website are no help whatsoever!),until I saw it in person.I was so impressed with it I wore it all weekend-even though I messed up the paint job (i actually did this mani in the car-don't worry i wasn't driving :P)

under lamp with flash

indoors with flash

under lamp no flash

None of the pictures I took come close to capturing how enchanting this colour actually is in person.It's not a typical fall colour,but I love it.It's in the same colour family as Stella-part of CG's Retro Diva collection,but with a little more red added.I'm calling this one a favourite as well.It has that beautiful glowy effect,it's very shimmery,and the colour itself is rich and luxurious.I am in awe of it's beauty.

In other words,I liked it a lot.

That's all for now,I'll have the final 3 swatches for you in the next couple of days.

Have a Lovely Day!
Pinkginger-who is so happy that I remembered what "colloquialism" meant.Bonus points for remembering how to spell it without using spell-check. I'm such a geek.


  1. This is one of my favorites from that collection. Looks smashing on you!

  2. Lovely,just lovely on you. I think this color suits your skin tone better than mine. I have this polish,and it just never looks quite right on me. Although I love the shade reguardless of what it looks like on!

  3. Ooh, it looks great on you! I absolutely love it, this is one of those I thought was a stunner on my nails. Haha, I did a lot of staring at them too, come to think of it!

  4. Skye-Thank You :)

    Lampbchop-Thank You :) It's a lovely shade isn't it?

    Velvet-Thank You :) I have colours like that too,ones that don't really suit me but I can bear to let go of because they're so pretty! I wear them anyway-whether they look good or not-lol!

    Nicole-Thank You :) This one is a real "nail-starer" (whatever that means) It's just so pretty you can't help it!

  5. Very pretty on you. I love shimmers also. How do you get your polish on so beautifully while in a car? I can hardly do a decent job sitting down!


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