Thursday, October 1, 2009

China Glaze Chiaroscuro

***Permission to sound like an art school nerd for a minute***
According to the Encyclopedia Britannica,Chiaroscuro is a technique employed in visual arts to represent light and shadow as they define three-dimensional objects.It was originally used to describe paintings with stark contrasts between light and shadows.

Here's an example:

I think this is a portrait of Alexander Pushkin but I'm not sure-I used to sleep in Art History class :/

***Art school nerd portion ends here***

China Glaze's Chiaroscuro is a beautiful seashell pink with a slight greenish shimmer.I picked this one at random because I hardly ever wear pale colours,but I really like this one.It's pink,without being over the top (not that there's anything wrong with that,I'm just sayin' :P) I love pink,but sometimes I like a little subtlety rather than the "LOOK AT ME!" hot pinks I usually wear. As I've said before,I hate frosts but this one is pearly enough to take it out of the icky frost zone (icky?man,i'm worse than my 2 year-old niece!) The application was flawless,and I really liked how creamy it looked on the nails.Very pretty.

Both pictures indoors,one under lights and one under a lamp

                           light with flash
lamp with flash

This is a very work-appropriate shade.It's pigmented without being obtrusive.In other words,my mother would love it.I remember studying Chiaroscuro in college.I was so bad at it!My professor always told me that there wasn't enough variation between my lights and darks. "Everything looks appallingly gray" she said.I admit I was a little bit lazy because a well-exececuted chiarosuro painting took far too much effort(and frankly,I didn't have that kind of time).It's a good thing this colour is so pretty because I feel less guilty about hating the name.The word chiaroscuro is an amalgam of the Italian words for bright (chiaro),and dark (oscuro).This colour is neither bright nor dark and that irks me.I guess the art school nerd in me will have to get used it.

Well,that's all I have for now.I cannot believe the week is almost over!
I hope you all have a wonderful day :)
Pinkginger-who is so thankful to everyone who reads my blog.It really means a lot *big hugs* <3


  1. I'm a fan of big bold colors as well. This pink is so sweet & demure. I'd wear it and my friends would look at me crazy! *lol* I tone it down sometimes! :)

  2. This is quite lovely. You find some great colors! P.S. You have been tagged by me!

  3. Lol..yes this color would "irk" me too. Although it is nice. But that's it,just nice. My mom would like this color! (and she's an!) My mother paints bold paintings,yet she always chooses soft subtle nail polish. Unless it's red. I sometimes don't get!

  4. Lovely shade but too light for me. I'd never heard that term before. Thanks for the explanation and the painting. Now I "get" it. I also can't get Jungle Boogie out of my head. Get it on! I also have Jungle.

  5. PBG-I agree,it is good to tone it down sometimes!I wore this to work one day and my (male) coworker said "What is up with your nails today?"I nearly fell off my chair when he said that :)

    Lambchop-Thank You <3 and thanks for the tag,it was fun picking things out :)

    Velvet-My mother is the same way! She doesn't paint,but she loves wearing bright clothing and hates bright nailpolish.Sometimes she wears bright polish on her toes,but on her nails? Frosty and boring.Moms are odd *lol*

    Lucy- *lol* Sorry about that,it was stuck in my head too-which is why I posted it :) I can't help but release my inner art geek when it comes to things like this.When I first saw the name I thought "I did that in college!" and I immediately bought it.


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