Monday, October 12, 2009

China Glaze Branding Iron and Golden Spurs

Hi All!
I chose to combine the last two colours in the Rodeo Diva Collection because i'm lazy and i didn't want to do two seperate posts it was easier to do it this way.

 Branding Iron is another favourite,simply because it's yet another shimmery burgundy. I love this colour! I have a weakness for shimmery,glowy,reds.I'm at the point now,that if someone told me that I could only wear red for the rest of the year,I'd be OK with that because I have enough to last me that long.I also love the fact that it's a vampy.Simply gorgeous.

                                          all pictures indoors with flash under normal light and lamp.

Golden Spurs is a tan with gold shimmer.I don't wear colours like this much,but I'm loving this one.It has a really nice golden glow to it.Colours like this have the potential to be drab,but this one definitely isn't.It's quite lovely actually.Another shade for my mom ;)

I am so happy I have this collection! Every colour is beautiful,but my hands down favourite is Wagon Trail (click here for the swatch I did a few weeks back).I also have mad love for Side Saddle,Midnight Ride,and Cowgirl Up and Gussied Up Green. Aw,heck, I love them all equally! and unlike my mother when she says she loves me and my brother just the same, (not true-I'm her favourite :P) I actually mean it. *just kidding mom*

I was going to post a Cowboy-themed music video to end this series,but I came across these university choir videos and could not resist sharing.I was a choir memeber in Junior High (stop laughing)but the most "current"  song we ever performed was an a capella version of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"-only to be censored by one concerned parent who thought that the song advocated LSD use.Buzz kill. These choirs are a million times cooler than mine was.And they don't have to wear black and yellow uniforms. Enjoy!

This group wins for best choreography.Hilarious!

and I chose this one because it's been rainy and miserable all weekend.I think it's very fitting.

That's all folks! Happy Monday! (or Tuesday)
Pinkginger-who is completely indifferent about going to work tomorrow.Is that a good sign?


  1. Branding Iron looks so amazing on you! Rodeo Diva was such a good collection, really had a lot of great shades. Thanks for showing them!

  2. Oh my goodness that was just too! I think of garnets when looking at Branding Iron on your nails. Simply gorgeous!

  3. I've got to say that out of this entire collection, "Cowgirl Up" and "Wagon Trail" are my favorites. I swatched "Cowgirl Up" recently and will be posting it this week. I don't own "Wagon Trail", but now that I've seen it on you, I know I will be purchasing it very soon! Lovely!!

    Thanks for showing this collection in its entirety. :)

  4. I have those two and love them. I think that's just the best collection. They both look gorgeous on you. I was in a choir also. I meant to say this on the previous post. The choir sang Autumn Leaves. We sang all of these old standards. I would've killed to sing something like White Rabbit!


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